Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 Our first stop of the day happened to be the side of the road! ;) 
 Wonderstruck everyday. 
 After my first time surfing with these two brunettes!
 I didn't get the Ray-Bans memo.
 Together with our fabulous photographer/filmographer/bestfriend Jess! 
Can you tell we were facing the sun and I was going blind?
 A quick lunch in between shoots = don't judge me!  
 At our last location of the day!
 We were shooting for the Fall ONO catalog!
 Another amazing autumn sunset in Florida.
 Thanks for stopping by and coming with me on my adventure yesterday I tried to get as many pictures as possible but we stayed so busy the whole time!
ONO is a surf and apparel shop located in Seaside Fl. on Gorgeous 30A.(where we shot most of these pictures)   
The lovely girls in the pictures are Jess, Isabella, and Brenna.

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Jess, Isabella and I

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