Friday, October 4, 2013

Catching Up

 The baby shower I decorated for my dear friend and one of the most talented people I know.
Jess has had a beautiful baby boy since!
 Interesting fact this was the same day Jess, Colton and I shot the Piperbydesign Young Blood collection!
It was pouring rain and Jess was fully blown pregnant in rain boots while Colton held the umbrella over them and the camera I got to play in the freezing rain and puddles the size of small ponds!
And I will NEVER forget it!
Sometimes the best memories require getting really messy! ;)  
 I made those tissue paper balls that are all over pinterest and filled milk glass vases with fresh tulips!
We kept it simple and different, just because it's for a boy doesn't mean it can't be pretty!
 The grand opening of my friend Madison's Dance studio!
She is also expecting a little boy!
Kayla is my best friend and the one on the left you probably recognize her as Marilyn!
 This was from my back to school post but somehow it got lost and I never put it in!
I look so different with a center part!
 Can we take a second to marvel at this yummy homemade ice cream cake?!
No that wasn't a pun batman is from DC not Marvel silly! 
 Zac the bat birthday boy and his beautiful cat bride!
They are expecting a little batten girl soon!
(You see what I did there?!)
 I now want another piece! :(
 I went as Zatanna she's a magician and sadly I didn't know who she was before I started looking up characters for costume ideas!
John David as Robin which fits perfectly because he is zac's younger best friend and he has such a witty sense of humor.
He just kicks butt in general, I mean did you see the kelly green gloves?! 
 Yeah we are pretty cool, I just didn't get the converse memo!
 My beautiful Mom in the bat mask!
I told her I noticed she never wore it the day of the 5K and she came home from work like this the next day!
She's pretty much the coolest!!!
 If you remember my estate sale post these are the two items I bought!
I've been on the look out for a little fur collar/stole and this was the perfect size and color!
The belt was just totally awesome and makes my waist look like I'm Scarlet O'Hara!
I'll take that ANY day!
 The man and his wife were world travelers and he spoiled her with little trinkets everywhere they went!
I love when I have something that comes with a story like that.
That's it for the random lost, forgotten or just plain late posts all in one!
I hope you enjoyed getting caught up with me!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: So many people I don't feel like listing it. (sorry...not really)

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