Thursday, October 3, 2013

Haircuts and Pirates

What I wore shopping and getting my hair cut and glossed!
My friend Brenna, who you will see in a second, had a job interview and needed a willing head of hair for it!
Spoiler alert this is the finished hair!   
I know what you're thinking, "Piper you are so boring and safe with your hair!"
You're right! If I had the guts my hair would be pastel purple with silver highlights! 
I'm not even joking!
The two midi rings that I picked up were on sale!!!
How cute are they?! 
If you can't tell one is a little anchor and the other says love, I purposefully put love on my left ring finger! 
I'm clever like that! ;)
And no I didn't iron my shirt (insert sheepish smile here).
I told you you would see Brenna soon!
My very serious before after she brushed out the curls.
Annnd then she combed out my curls... just call me Hermione... or Hagrid... or Lupin during a full moon.
Yes, that was a Harry Potter reference 10 points to whatever house you belong to for getting it! 
I'm glossy, I'm the first girl to scream on the track!
You know that exceptional gift some people have to think of a song for every situation?
I have that gift... although some people(Everyone but me) might call it a curse.
The adorable dressing room of the boutique where I bought my midi rings!
I wanted to move in! 
What a complimentary wall! 
Brenna was so nice to take my outfit pictures so I took a few of her too for you guys!
Most salons ask you to wear all black and since she had an interview she followed those rules and threw on a blue scarf  to lend a pop of color!
I don't drink coffee so when my friends want starbucks I buy a vanilla bean frappuccino or a hot chocolate depending on the temperature outside! yummy! ^_^ 
We stopped by J.Crew and as always I didn't dislike a single item!!!
Such a cute display!
 I hope you enjoyed the blog.
I didn't show these fabulous earrings earlier because my hair was down but they are too fabulous to leave out!
Instead of a statement necklace I opted for statement earrings.
Overall I wanted the entire outfit to have a cool and casual feel to it!
No fuss whatsoever, sometimes no fuss is nice!

Yesterday was great because we met some very great and interesting people! 
We went into a surf shop and totally bonded with a guy over the little Mermaid and beepers.
He was pretty great but no one can top the Pirate we met in the jewelry store, he let us try on all of the engagement rings we wanted and showed us his gold coin necklace and ring that he made from ancient coins discovered in a real ship wreck near the Florida Keys!
Did I mention he showed us his skull and crossed swords tattoo on his leg?!
How often do you meet a REAL pirate, who guards REAL treasure?!
Not very often!

To sum it all up I would say yesterday was a grand affair and I'm so glad that I didn't miss it!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Brenna and Piper(That's me!) 

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