Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hair Rescue

 I was once asked to do a hair tutorial... I laughed.
Not in a rude way but in a dumbfounded "I can't believe anyone would want to know how I get this mass of horse hair to look somewhat normal" way.
 Yet here I am a probably about a year later, surprising even myself!
 So what is the tutorial? What changed my mind?
A home remedy hair treatment that gave me super soft hair/less frizz for once!!! 
So of course, in honor of this miracle, I thought I would share!

Let's get started!!!  
On dry hair I applied about three tablespoons of coconut Oil and three pumps of Macadamia's Healing Oil Treatment, from root to tip. 
I have a LOT of hair and I took small scoops and mixed it in my hand as I went so you may not need as much as I had to use.
I left it in my hair for about an hour and I washed my hair three times to get all of the treatment out.

 I've used coconut oil by itself and I've used the Macadamia oil by itself and never received the same soft results so I thought it was worth a share!

The coconut oil doesn't have to be a special brand and you can buy a large tub at Target FYI.
 I'll still put links below incase you want to order it fast.
Now for a side note in honor of my Rescue boy because he loves to crash into photos.

It was National adopt a shelter pet day recently and I just wanted to add a photo of our rescue baby.
We can't imagine life without our silly, sweet, handsome boy.
He brings so much joy and entertainment into our lives but he is also a big responsibility.
Many people buy pets only to realize AFTER that it's a life altering commitment that they don't want.
We chose to look for a shelter dog after talking about it for a very long time, before we were even married!
In the end I think Anubis chose us and we chose him.
I can't believe this but I'm actually getting a little emotional writing this!!! 
He's sleeping on his chair behind me and I can honestly say he's a huge part of our family.
So I'm not asking you to "adopt a pet" or to "not buy a dog" that's your personal choice.
 I'm just telling you about my experience with a pretty darn cool rescue who became my best friend.

I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and let me know in the comments your favorite hair home remedy or if you have an awesome animal friend! ;) 
I'd love to hear about it!

Piper Arielle