Saturday, May 2, 2015

Siren in Sequins

So I know that I have said this before and those who know me on a personal level already know this but... I'm a photographer... Yes, another one! ;) 
I'm getting less and less time to blog because of it but I'm not abandoning my baby just yet!!!
So let me tell you about this Naturally gorgeous girl named Melissa!

I started following this her on Instagram about a year ago and when I found out she lived near me I just KNEW I had to do a photo shoot with her!!!

I'm pretty sure she thought I was a stalker with how often I commented and kept inviting her to do a photo shoot!(Which I rarely do!)
Well I'd also wanted to do a mermaid inspired shoot and set my heart on this beauty as my 
Bohemian Siren.
 It took a year but we finally both had time and just made it happen!

From the beginning I knew that I wanted to do EVERYTHING for this shoot!
I have so many talented friends that I work with all of the time but I really wanted to challenge myself by doing complete styling from her clothes to her hair and makeup on top of the photography!
Of course it would be impossible for this girl to look anything but stunning even without my assistance but that's kind of why I picked her! ;)

It was rainy and cloudy that day but I kind of enjoyed the moodiness of it all plus it meant that the beach was almost entirely deserted!

A big thank you to Melissa for helping me with this photo shoot and for being just as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside.
I'm so thankful for the experiences I have been able to have and the people I never would have known without this job/hobby of mine.

If you're interested in following this total babe her instagram name is @lissagordon.
My personal account is @piperbydesign and my photography page is @piperarielle in case you didn't already know! :)

I'll be starting a website soon for my photography so I'm sure I will post a blog about it when I do! 
You will be able to contact me their for any business enquiries.

Those who are interested the earrings are Sorrelli but everything else minus the bikini top is from my personal closet and I don't think they carry any of the items! The pants were from a local boutique called Vita Luna and she may be able to order more I'm not sure! :) 

I hope everyone is having a nice night and is getting ready for Mother's Day!!!

Piper Arielle

photos by: Piper (Myself)