Friday, May 31, 2013

Rockabilly Baby

Blush, Bronzer, Brows.
Touches of concealer were used instead of heavy foundation.
Sheer Shimmer eye shadow over the lid.  
Apply a Matte light brown shadow in the crease. 
Create one small flick of liquid or gel Liner on each eye. 
Draw another line back from the top of the first line and fill in.
Add Highlighter to the corners and bottom waterline .
Also add Liner to the bottom lash line.
Coat Lashes in your favorite mascara.  
Almost finished! 
Red lips and a beauty mark for a Retro look! 
The last touch is the hair tied in a high pony and a bobby pinned bouffant, finished by the red bandanna
used to keep her hair back during makeup application!

I hope everyone enjoyed the makeup tutorial!
It was very much Impromptu!
This is my little cousin Taran, she is an aspiring makeup artist who is going to have a beauty channel
on YouTube soon! I'll keep you posted!
She has been staying with me for the past few days and I thought this would be a fun little blog to do!
Sorry for the inconsistent lighting, the clouds couldn't make up their minds today!
Over all I thought it went well and she is so pretty without makeup she doesn't have to do much!
I can't take credit for any of the hair and makeup! She did all of it herself, I just took the pictures and wrote the blog!
;) But I make guest appearances in her eyes if you look close enough!

Here's to trying new things and having fun while you do it!

Piper Arielle

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aw, shucks! For me?!

 Corn, it's what's for dinner! 

I was the 1999 Jr. Corn shucking champion...
 not really but I bet if I had competed the title would have been mine!

Here's a weird fact about me, I used to only eat corn if it was on the cob! 
Preferably right out of my grandfather's corn patch.
I turned my nose up at any corn that came in a can, not because I was a snob,
I just didn't like the taste!
 If you have never had fresh corn I HIGHLY recommend it! 
You can taste the freshness and shucking it is half of the fun! 
Not to mention how pretty the husks are!

And maybe I just always loved Pocahontas to the point of only eating corn the way she gathered it in the Disney movie!
I know, it's ridiculous but I think I thought I was every Disney princess at one point or another! 
Except maybe.... Nope, every single one of them!

Either way it's still my favorite way to eat corn and I've matured, I can eat corn from a can now
...sometimes! ;)

Sorry if you read this and thought "why is she talking about corn?"! 
I just think it's pretty and delicious! 
In a round about way it was an Outfit of the day since you got to see my outfit I wore shopping!
I bought a new skirt today so I'll do a post about it as soon as I wear it! 
It's pretty fierce! 

Piper Arielle 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Creek Life

My outfit of the day! 

Just a few essentials for a day kayaking and canoeing on the creek with the family!
Sunscreen and a hat are a MUST!!! 
Protect your skin and stay hydrated, you only get one body so you should take care of it.

I have to admit that I ended up going with a different hat! 
My cousin french braided my hair for me which made the hat too snug for comfort!
But I took the picture before so sorry about that! ^_^

Today was spent on a beautiful spring fed creek with crystal blue water.
Most of my family went along and we had a blast! 
Sorry for the lack of pictures,
 I was too afraid to bring my camera without a waterproof housing!

We picnicked on a shady white sandbar 
while watching the children practice their swimming and canoeing techniques in the secluded bend of the creek we occupied. 
Of course I rolled down a small hill and assumed the position of a turtle on it's back,
giving everyone a good giggle and the wish that a video camera were present.
We made memories like we always do 
and like we will continue to do! 

Thank you to all of the soldiers who have ever served in the military and will serve in the future.
We are forever grateful to you.

Piper Arielle  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Thrown Together

Do you like my necklace?! 

So this morning was one of those "I have nothing to wear" mornings. 
I'm pretty sure most females have experienced what I'm talking about! 
You start with, "what am I going to wear today?"
That turns into, "No, not that, ew, why do I even own this?"
Then the panic sets in... I'm not going to find anything and I'm going to be late
and I'm going to be uncomfortable about my outfit decision all day! 
....Maybe that's just me???
But luckily I didn't progress that far today! 

 I have had both items for years now but I never wore them together.
**Fun Fact**
 I was actually wearing this shirt when I got my first kiss! 
I know, TMI, boys have cooties and all of that jazz!

It's a classic shirt and unless it gets ruined or something I plan on having it for many more years! 

The necklace is a recent purchase that I'm having a ball with! 
(I got it on sale at Dillard's) 
It gives this thrown together look a nice touch!

If you don't like wrinkles linen is not for you! 
I personally don't mind them but wrinkles are inevitable when wearing linen! 
Unless maybe you carry around a wrinkle re leaser or an Iron! 
Good Luck!!!

Piper Arielle

Friday, May 17, 2013


The secret is out! 
My good friend Jess (of Modus Photography in SeaSide FL.) and I had a little project in the works! 
Now it is ready to be revealed!
As you may or may not know I make jewelry and sell it from a few boutiques,
 including Ollie Mae's Boutique 
 and online. Pssst this is the link -> Etsy shop.

We have collaborated to make a beautiful Look Book for you!
Jess is ridiculously talented and I LOVE HER!!!   
Follow the link Here to enjoy a little bit of the Young Blood collection!
It's located on her Tumblr! 

Please enjoy and look forward to more cool stuff coming your way! 
Piper Arielle   

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Necklace or Headpiece?

Here comes the crazy train that is myself!
Yeah, I know I'm a Beast!
 (Just in case you can't tell... that's sarcasm!) :)  

So this post morphed into something completely different than when I planned it out in my head!!!! 
It started as a sun kissed barely there makeup tutorial (I might still do that some other time!)
Then as I was picking out my outfit I was like "This is too cute not to show it!" 
Then I decided to do a center part! 
That was the pivotal moment when I decided to wear this Coral/Rose J. Crew necklace as a Headpiece!

Of course it started out like a normal OOTD post for me, with serious looks and very little eye contact.
That's all fine and dandy but sometimes you just have to be silly! 
I mean muscle pictures?! I haven't done those in years!!! 
Does anyone else remember the scrawny kid from The Little Giants?
Yeah, I felt like him but not so scrawny! 

I guess what I'm trying to say is one doesn't have to take themselves so seriously all of the time!
Wear a necklace on your head! 
Wear barely there makeup!
Wear a goofy smile!

I recently wore a cropped cardigan backwards over a black and white polka dotted dress...
It worked so well that way! 
Don't let the idea of how things "Should be" get in your way!
Think outside of the box!

I'm not a serious person or a silly person or a cool person or an awkward person.
I'm all of them combined! (I'm pretty cool!)
Everyone is mixed, it's unfair to classify someone just by the way that we perceive them!  

Whether you know me in person or you just like to read my blog.
I want you to meet all of the parts that fit together seamlessly  
to make up who I am!
An old soul with a cheesy sense of humor who has a love for life
 and an appreciation for all of it's beauty! 

Piper Arielle

Saturday, May 11, 2013


 My Niece

Tomorrow is Mother's day.

My Mother is the oldest of my Grandmothers four girls.
She made my Grandmother a Mother for the first time.

 Megan the oldest sister of five made our Mom a Mother for the first time.

Finally this is the little girl who made my oldest sister a Mother for the first time.
Megan's had two little boys since.
My sister is good at many things, but Making pretty babies is her specialty!

My niece is staying the night with us. 
I put a little bit of makeup on her (Clear mascara and sheer blush)
and tied a scarf around her hair for a fun impromptu photo shoot
for her Mommy. 
She's the one who decided to play mommy in the photos. 
It's just instinctual.
Happy Mother's Day to current Mothers, future Mothers,
 The Mothers that have passed on but leave their love here with us
and to single dads who are Father and Mother. 

Piper Arielle

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coral Blossoms, Coral Lips

 Who doesn't love a good Sun Flare? 

Usually I'm pretty content with a nude lip but today I felt like matching this AMAZING 
Coral rose necklace.
Seriously this thing is so much fun! This is the first time I've worn it, 
I think it's safe to say it will not be neglected!

The shirt is Cold water Creek.
It's one of my Go to pieces that I can just throw on! 
Everyone should have a go to for those days you're running late and need to look polished! 

As for the Lipstick it's Maybelline's Coral Crush.
I'm honestly not crazy about the formula but the color is fun!
I dab it on so it doesn't cake!
(That's the reason I'm not completely sold on it.) 

The name Coral Crush makes me think of Hawaii and so did the flower
in the last photo, sorry for my silly word association but now I want to go to Hawaii! 
Who's with me?! Just kidding! 

I'll Settle for Seaside though! ;) 

Piper Arielle     

Monday, May 6, 2013

Before the Rain Falls

 This one I had to add because of Diesel! 
He LOVES the camera!!! 
I"m actually talking which is why I look like that! ^
 I saw a Blue Jay flying to escape the rain... ADD much? 
 Typical Rainy day outfit! 

This printed Land's End raincoat is my go to when water decides to flow from the sky! 
Lately that seems very frequent. 
And look! It has a hood! 
I've been digging caps Lately and the rest of the outfit is pretty chill! 

A special last minute surprise is coming so stay tuned!!!! =D 

Piper Arielle