Thursday, May 2, 2013


 Both Neon bracelets are Mia Luna and made by me! 

I have to say for this outfit I was totally inspired by Aimee Song of Song of Style! She recently paired a patterned pant with a plain white T and I had to follow suit!
I love the feeling that inspiration gives, It's that AHA, moment when you literally grin from excitement...
Maybe that's just me! 
But the best is when someone tells you that YOU inspired THEM! 
That's one of the reasons why I started blogging,
 I wanted to show girls how to put things together and be different! 
I can't tell you how many times I've heard,   
"I love your outfit but I could never pull it off!" or "I saw something while I was shopping and thought only Piper could wear this." My response is usually YES YOU CAN!!! 

 Wear what makes you happy! Look to people who you would like to emulate their style.
 That doesn't mean go out and buy the exact outfit you see them wearing, take in the whole picture! 
What do you like about the outfit and how would you make it more you?

My biggest SECRET tip I give is probably the most important, Be Confidant! 

Confidence doesn't come from clothing or makeup.
It comes from acknowledging that you are perfectly imperfect and being at peace with yourself.  
If you don't have much confidence, Fake it till you make it! 
It will be hard at first and you might feel self conscious at times but you can power through it!

As many times as I've had people give compliments I've had the same amount of  puzzled looks and 
 "What are you wearing?"s.
 I know from personal experience that confidence isn't always easy. 
Sometimes people can say hurtful things. 
Unfortunately that means those people lack confidence themselves and instead of dishing it right back or shrinking into yourself, try to find something nice to say about them.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions but if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all! 

 “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”-FDR

Sorry for my little motivational speech and randomness! 
I just have very strong feelings on this subject whether it has to do with fashion or not! 
At the end of the day Clothes are Clothes but Confidence is a way of life.

Piper Arielle


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