Saturday, May 11, 2013


 My Niece

Tomorrow is Mother's day.

My Mother is the oldest of my Grandmothers four girls.
She made my Grandmother a Mother for the first time.

 Megan the oldest sister of five made our Mom a Mother for the first time.

Finally this is the little girl who made my oldest sister a Mother for the first time.
Megan's had two little boys since.
My sister is good at many things, but Making pretty babies is her specialty!

My niece is staying the night with us. 
I put a little bit of makeup on her (Clear mascara and sheer blush)
and tied a scarf around her hair for a fun impromptu photo shoot
for her Mommy. 
She's the one who decided to play mommy in the photos. 
It's just instinctual.
Happy Mother's Day to current Mothers, future Mothers,
 The Mothers that have passed on but leave their love here with us
and to single dads who are Father and Mother. 

Piper Arielle

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