Friday, May 31, 2013

Rockabilly Baby

Blush, Bronzer, Brows.
Touches of concealer were used instead of heavy foundation.
Sheer Shimmer eye shadow over the lid.  
Apply a Matte light brown shadow in the crease. 
Create one small flick of liquid or gel Liner on each eye. 
Draw another line back from the top of the first line and fill in.
Add Highlighter to the corners and bottom waterline .
Also add Liner to the bottom lash line.
Coat Lashes in your favorite mascara.  
Almost finished! 
Red lips and a beauty mark for a Retro look! 
The last touch is the hair tied in a high pony and a bobby pinned bouffant, finished by the red bandanna
used to keep her hair back during makeup application!

I hope everyone enjoyed the makeup tutorial!
It was very much Impromptu!
This is my little cousin Taran, she is an aspiring makeup artist who is going to have a beauty channel
on YouTube soon! I'll keep you posted!
She has been staying with me for the past few days and I thought this would be a fun little blog to do!
Sorry for the inconsistent lighting, the clouds couldn't make up their minds today!
Over all I thought it went well and she is so pretty without makeup she doesn't have to do much!
I can't take credit for any of the hair and makeup! She did all of it herself, I just took the pictures and wrote the blog!
;) But I make guest appearances in her eyes if you look close enough!

Here's to trying new things and having fun while you do it!

Piper Arielle

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