Saturday, October 7, 2017


So I think it's no secret that when one gets dressed in a hurry it's easy to reach for a uniform of sorts...
Mine just happens to be a white Hanes shirt and denim.
I've worn many interpretations of the exact same outfit and the trick to make it different is accessorizing it!

This time I paired it with some casual black booties and a blue bandana that I've hand washed and rung out to make it a little bit worn in.

It was simple and comfortable and it took 10 minutes to throw together.
This look isn't always practical depending on the event but for my day to day I'll probably stick with it!

Bottoms: I can't remember(sorry)
Shoes: Black Booties
Bandana: Scarf

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fall and JORD


wooden watch

Fall Style


So it's officially Fall and I couldn't be happier!
To celebrate the changing season I've teamed up with JORD (Pronounced like yoad)
wooden watches to do a cool giveaway for you guys!!!
Everyone who enters will get a $25 off code for their own JORD wooden watch and one lucky winner will receive a $100 off code for your order!!!!!
So basically everyone is a winner!

To enter the giveaway click HERE!!!
The giveaway ends on October 22nd and the codes will expire by November 30th so Act fast!

My favorite style and the watch I chose is the FRAKIE series and I'm obsessed!
The Frankie can come in different types of wood as well as different metal and face colors, mine is the Dark Sandalwood and smoke face with rose gold.
Not only did I love the watch, the packaging and detail put into this Luxury wooden watch delighted me!
I seriously made my husband smell the box it came in.

It started to rain in the middle of our shoot and my husband said, "You better get that nice wooden watch out of the rain!"
Well I had already read everything I could on the care and protection of my new timepiece and it turns out that the watch is water resistant and things like rain and washing your hands while wearing it isn't such a big deal.
Although I wouldn't go swimming with it on or submerge it in any way, the watch is very sturdy and I plan on wearing it dressed up and down.

It matches my Fall mood perfectly and I can't wait to wear it all season!!!
Since the watch is made out of natural materials I was inspired to go for a very earthy vibe.
This sweater is one of my current favorites and it's also one of my favorite colors.
I tucked it into a high rise distressed denim pants that I cuffed at the bottom.
It's very rare that I don't have to cuff my pants. (Short girl problems)
To finish off the look I went with some leather loafers that most likely matches a pair your Grandmother has.

I kept the accessories simple with no belt and a pair of small stud earrings, I let the Watch do all of the talking.
 The Dark Sandalwood inspired me to do a dark bold lip with a soft neutral smokey eye.

If you're wondering about the tree in the first picture it's one that fell during Hurricane Irma a couple of weeks ago.
We are all safe here but our roof needs a little TLC, we were really very fortunate.
I'll save that for another blog post though!

For now I hope this inspired you with a simple and cozy #OOTD and don't forget to fallout the giveaway entry form, it takes less than a minute!

Piper Arielle

Luxury Wooden Watch

Monday, September 25, 2017

DIY Skirt

wrap skirt

fall outfit

fall fashion


fall style
 Here is a simple outfit that I threw together in 15 minutes and that includes my skirt DIY!

I bought this long maxi skirt about a year ago from the thrift store with the intention of taking it in.
The skirt was too big but I liked the floral pattern and the classic black and white colors.
Well a year passes and I never took it in, go figure!
I decided I would make the skirt into a sarong/wrap skirt situation. 
It's not really a permanent DIY but just incase someone is in a rush I'll give you the instructions anyways!

To start with the skirt had about 6 inches of extra room in the waist.
I cut the skirt from the waist to the hem vertically on one side.
I tied the fabric at the top and safety pined it together from beneath as far down as desired.
It ended up having a slightly ruffled look on the side that I really liked.
Since this is held together by a knot, safety pins and a prayer I would suggest wearing a slip underneath!
My favorite slip to use is the Honey Slip it comes in a buttery soft material and hides straps and things for a cleaner look.
You can click the link I provided to check it out! 
I'll definitely have an entire blogpost dedicated to how I wear my Honey Slip!

Shirt: Hanes
Skirt: Thrifted
Bag: Vintage
Earrings: Best of everything in Naples
Sandals: Jack Rogers 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ring Talk

When Mike and I got engaged he proposed with a play ring of my niece's.
I said yes and then he pulled out the real ring, you can read more about the proposal Here.

One of  Mike and my favorite things about the ring is the ornate cage underneath.
When I was looking for a wedding band all of the jewelry store employees said I needed to get a band with a round contour so it would fit around my ring and/or I should probably get it soldered or it would eventually damage the cage. 
I didn't want to hear that but it was the same everywhere I went and I am a little stubborn.
I didn't want a contoured band and I didn't want to have my rings soldered together.
I wanted to be able to stack rings or wear my wedding band on its own, I'm indecisive, I need options.
But I didn't want to ruin my favorite part of the ring either. 
So I did some digging for a solution that could give me the most options.

Finally, after many a forum I found my answer! 
The option that would work best for me would be a spacer band.
That tiny 1mm thick band is barely noticeable but makes a world of difference.
It holds the two rings just far enough apart to never touch and it sits so low that it never touches any delicate parts. 
Another plus that I didn't expect is that if I am doing something outside or messy I put the spacer band on by itself. 
Also I don't sleep with my rings on (my fingers swell in my sleep) but the spacer is so comfy I put it on again after I take the other two off. 
I found mine on Etsy and the price was almost too good to believe!
 I'll put a link to the shop HERE.
This shop doesn't offer platinum but if you have a Platinum ring you shouldn't have to worry about this issue as much anyways! 
But if you still want one Etsy has other options.

I wanted to share this just in case there were any other girls out there like me trying to find what works best for them.
If what works best for you is soldering or a contoured band or even just wearing your rings together as is, that's perfectly fine. :) 

Now I will leave you with a picture of it on from a last post.

Piper Arielle