Monday, June 25, 2018

Citrus shades

Lately, I've been drawn to brighter colors, I bought this fabulous vintage skirt at a thrift store and never wore it.
I finally paired it with this cute little floral top from H&M that i've linked below.
I've found that wearing bright colors isn't as scary as I originally thought!

Ever since I saw one of these round bags from Bali I've been obsessed but after seeing so many of them I didn't want to like them anymore!
Seeing this one in person made me change my mind and I just had to have it!
Now my next project is to make more storage for my bags!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Nice and Easy

For those who don't know I'm a photographer.
I work at weddings and events where I should be slightly dressed up but I have to be able to move.
I often travel for these occasions and the less items I have to pack the better!
Honestly,  I guess I'm also justifying the fact that I love jumpsuits these days!
They are just SO easy and I've worn this one twice and everyone always stops me to say how much they adore it!
Dressing for myself has always been a rule of mine, it's not about what other people think.
Getting showered with genuine compliments however is always nice!

Also I'm getting the hang of living in Naples, It's pretty nice down here!

I've linked this bag which is SUCH a good deal!

The Jumpsuit  can be found Here!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hair Rescue

 I was once asked to do a hair tutorial... I laughed.
Not in a rude way but in a dumbfounded "I can't believe anyone would want to know how I get this mass of horse hair to look somewhat normal" way.
 Yet here I am a probably about a year later, surprising even myself!
 So what is the tutorial? What changed my mind?
A home remedy hair treatment that gave me super soft hair/less frizz for once!!! 
So of course, in honor of this miracle, I thought I would share!

Let's get started!!!  
On dry hair I applied about three tablespoons of coconut Oil and three pumps of Macadamia's Healing Oil Treatment, from root to tip. 
I have a LOT of hair and I took small scoops and mixed it in my hand as I went so you may not need as much as I had to use.
I left it in my hair for about an hour and I washed my hair three times to get all of the treatment out.

 I've used coconut oil by itself and I've used the Macadamia oil by itself and never received the same soft results so I thought it was worth a share!

The coconut oil doesn't have to be a special brand and you can buy a large tub at Target FYI.
 I'll still put links below incase you want to order it fast.
Now for a side note in honor of my Rescue boy because he loves to crash into photos.

It was National adopt a shelter pet day recently and I just wanted to add a photo of our rescue baby.
We can't imagine life without our silly, sweet, handsome boy.
He brings so much joy and entertainment into our lives but he is also a big responsibility.
Many people buy pets only to realize AFTER that it's a life altering commitment that they don't want.
We chose to look for a shelter dog after talking about it for a very long time, before we were even married!
In the end I think Anubis chose us and we chose him.
I can't believe this but I'm actually getting a little emotional writing this!!! 
He's sleeping on his chair behind me and I can honestly say he's a huge part of our family.
So I'm not asking you to "adopt a pet" or to "not buy a dog" that's your personal choice.
 I'm just telling you about my experience with a pretty darn cool rescue who became my best friend.

I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and let me know in the comments your favorite hair home remedy or if you have an awesome animal friend! ;) 
I'd love to hear about it!

Piper Arielle

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Current Skincare

Something you probably didn't know about me...
I'm not OCD however I am OCD about certain ridiculous things.
The biggest thing is my skincare routine.
I don't care how late I'm running I ALWAYS make time to wash my face morning and night.
The Husband thinks I spend a little too much time on this but it's my thing!
Everyone has a thing right?

Today I'm going to take you through the steps with each product I use for the morning.

Step 1: Start by cleansing, I use Cetaphil for normal to oily skin.

Step 2: I either exfoliate everyday with the clarisonic using the radiance brush head ( It's gentle) or I use the St. Ives Green Tea scrub every other day OR I use the Sensitive Clarisonic attachment twice a week. 
When I use the Clarisonic I use the cetaphil on the brush combining step 1 and 2.
Exfoliating is my favorite but you don't want to do it too much. Everyone's skin is different so pay attention to what works for you!

Step 3: I use an astringent with a cotton pad to wipe away oils, this includes my neck and d├ęcolletage. I really like using Eskinol(not pictured) which can be found online or sometimes at asian markets.

Step 4: Essence is my newest addition and I'm never going back.
I put 2 or 3 drops(I'm stingy) in my hand and pat my face with it. 
My complexion has evened out and I feel more confident with my naked face since starting this.
The SK-II was a splurge but I had tested it from a large batch of samples I bought from sephora and knew I was hooked!

Step 5: Another product I instantly could feel the difference as I used it was the Caudalie Radiance Serum. 
I had ordered a new bottle before I ran out of the sample size, I think it's safe to say I'm addicted!

Step 6: Under eye cream has helped me with plumpness and anti aging specifically targeting that area.
I use the Innisfree brand, I like it BUT it has a very strong scent so keep that in mind if you aren't into that.

Step 7: FACE CREAM!!!! I don't care what you use but anything is better than nothing! 
I ran out of my Belif Aqua Bomb moisturizing gel which I LOVE and I started using the Laniege water bank moisturizing cream I love it too!!!!
I will probably keep both on hand and alternate depending on what I feel my skin needs that day!

Step 8: Sunscreen!
I don't want to jump the gun since I've only used it for a week but so far my favorite face sunscreen has to be Origins A Perfect World SPF 40. 
It's anti aging so sign me up but it isn't a weird thickness and doesn't smell strongly which I like! 
 I'm still testing it and I was't going to say anything but it has impressed me thus far!

Are you still with me?

I know that seems like a lot but like I said I'm a little obsessed! 
If you don't have a favorite moisturizer and you want something inexpensive to get you started, Olay is my go to brand to suggest.
My first moisturizer was the Olay firming night cream and I still love it! 
Also it's $6!!!

Don't forget to DRINK WATER, I drink about 2 quarts a day.

It's never too early to start skincare and it's never too late either.
My husband asked how much "younger" I wanted to look by doing all of this, my answer is simple, I'm not trying to look younger I'm starting the foundation to aging gracefully. 

Have fun ladies and gentleman (Skincare is for Everybody)
and I hope you found this little morning routine helpful or at least fun!
Let me know if you have any good skincare suggestions for me in the comments below!

Piper Arielle