Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ring Talk

When Mike and I got engaged he proposed with a play ring of my niece's.
I said yes and then he pulled out the real ring, you can read more about the proposal Here.

One of  Mike and my favorite things about the ring is the ornate cage underneath.
When I was looking for a wedding band all of the jewelry store employees said I needed to get a band with a round contour so it would fit around my ring and/or I should probably get it soldered or it would eventually damage the cage. 
I didn't want to hear that but it was the same everywhere I went and I am a little stubborn.
I didn't want a contoured band and I didn't want to have my rings soldered together.
I wanted to be able to stack rings or wear my wedding band on its own, I'm indecisive, I need options.
But I didn't want to ruin my favorite part of the ring either. 
So I did some digging for a solution that could give me the most options.

Finally, after many a forum I found my answer! 
The option that would work best for me would be a spacer band.
That tiny 1mm thick band is barely noticeable but makes a world of difference.
It holds the two rings just far enough apart to never touch and it sits so low that it never touches any delicate parts. 
Another plus that I didn't expect is that if I am doing something outside or messy I put the spacer band on by itself. 
Also I don't sleep with my rings on (my fingers swell in my sleep) but the spacer is so comfy I put it on again after I take the other two off. 
I found mine on Etsy and the price was almost too good to believe!
 I'll put a link to the shop HERE.
This shop doesn't offer platinum but if you have a Platinum ring you shouldn't have to worry about this issue as much anyways! 
But if you still want one Etsy has other options.

I wanted to share this just in case there were any other girls out there like me trying to find what works best for them.
If what works best for you is soldering or a contoured band or even just wearing your rings together as is, that's perfectly fine. :) 

Now I will leave you with a picture of it on from a last post.

Piper Arielle

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Meet Anubis

So I thought I would do a little introduction of Anubis.
He's the newest member of the family and we adopted him about 8 months ago from a rescue that specializes in Belgian Malinois (which is what Mike thought we wanted).

We waited patiently as each dog was brought out to us one by one, they were all very nice and VERY hyper, which is to be expected with working dogs.
None of them felt like a perfect fit and then the last one came out.
He hung back and inspected us from a distance, he slowly made his way towards me and sniffed my hand not yet letting me touch him. 
Finally he decided I was okay and let me pet the top of his head only, he kept his distance from Mike at first making wide turns around him just close enough that mike touched him with barely his fingertips. 
Then it happened, his ears perked up high on his head and he trotted over to the entrance of the building.
He stood up on his back legs with his ears still perked, we couldn't hear anything.
The rescue owner said it was probably his favorite rescue worker the one who picked him up from the airport and let him come home with her from time to time over the weekend.
He turned his head back and forth listening and waiting patiently.
As soon as she came through the door he was jumping up and letting her know just how much he missed her.
He was the one, he was smart and cautious, not hyper but not lazy either and once he bonded with you he was yours and you were his.
I jokingly tell Mike that we didn't know it then but if Mike were a dog he would be Anubis. 

We went home and read as much as we could about this strange dog from Spain called a Podenco.
A date was set to pick him up from the rescue, we bought all of the essentials and then the day came.
We called the rescue to make sure we were still good for the time we had scheduled to pick up our new family member and we got a voicemail box instead.
Then we got a call saying someone else was coming to look at him a 3rd time with the probability of adoption.
As dramatic as it sounds to say my heart broke a little bit, it really did.
I told myself that if the rescue owner believed there may be a better fit for him with someone else I ultimately wanted what was best for him.
Since Mike and I had cleared our day to pick up "Buddy" at the time, we had a free day. 
Retail therapy was the answer and we ended up buying a giant clawfoot bathtub.
I don't regret buying the tub but it was definitely to console us and it was a crazy good deal.

A week passed and we got a call saying it didn't work out with the other guy and we could pick him up whenever we wanted to.
Saying that my emotions had been taken on a rollercoaster ride would be an understatement.
I admire men and women who adopt children and my experience was a grain of sand compared to what they go through.

Anubis, for now, is like our child.
We're practicing our parenting skills and he keeps me company when Mike is gone.
He loves hopping around and prefers night walks to day walks.
He is not a fan of rain (hence the rain coat) yet doesn't mind running through the water filled ditches if he catches the scent of a rabbit or other small game animal on the other side.
Checking all of the windows periodically while he is inside to show us he's got our back is one of his favorite pastimes.
He's also likes being an only child and will not play with a ball or toy if he sees another dog playing with it.
He looks very friendly but will bark and growl at strangers if they get too close to me, especially men.
He also doesn't like dogs with fancy hairstyles no matter their size, which I think is hilarious and it may just be that he's jealous.

We're pretty smitten and I'd like to think he's in love with us too.

Thank you to all of those who took the time to read about how obsessed I am with my fur child!
I'm sure if you have one you understand! :) 

Piper Arielle 


Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Long Casual Weekend

Anubis after all of the packing is done.
He always follows me from room to room as I put things together so he was pretty pooped by the end of it.
 Here's an overview of the outfits I'm bringing with me.
If you saw my Tried and True post you already know the black atlas bag has all of my favorite makeup products. If you want to check out that post it's Here
The orange little bag contains my travel size toiletries.
I usually pack one set of heels just in case but I don't think I'll be needing them this trip, so why take up the room right?
 I like options but I also like to pack light, that means packing interchangeable items and items that can be dressed up or down.
From the left I have floral pajamas, a midi T-shirt dress, a black belt and brown belt, high waisted jeans, graphic T, striped button up, gingham button up and a pair of black leggings.
All of the outfits I've put together are pretty casual so I like to add accessories to dress it up a bit.
I keep my small accessories in a bag so nothing gets lost and I can just toss my stuff in it!
Of course this is for a quick trip to go back home and do some photo shoots so the dressiest place I'll be going is church and the movies.
(A family tradition every time I come home)
Oh and I will be bringing my hunter boots(not pictured) because you never know what sorts of terrain awaits you on a photo shoot!

Thanks for stopping in, I was starting to pack and I figured why not share the thought process?

Piper Arielle

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Crewnecked Stripes

Date night at True Food Kitchen and this is what I wore.

I figured since I posted an outfit with one of my shirt obsessions I needed to share the other one as well!
This shirt has seriously been on an embarrassing rotation in my wardrobe these days.
Embarrassing because if I can't figure out what to wear I go for this shirt.
 That happens too many times for me to comfortably admit.
Okay, probably at least once a week!!!
It's just so comfortable and it is all of my favorite things! 
Blue, striped and it has a crewneck that hits in just the right spot.
Did I mention it came from Target? 
Okay, I'll stop talking about the shirt but I won't stop wearing it! 

The pants are some old Paige Denim that I cut the bottoms off of and left a raw hem.
I bought them at a thrift store for about $6 so I didn't mind if I messed up.

The belt is vintage from my mom and so are the Gold hoops.
I'll admit I was never a hoops person until this year and now these are some of my favorites!

The red heels are not very practical but since it was just dinner I figured it would only be a few hours.
I brought a pair of sandals for the end of the night Whole foods run we always seem to make.
We got dessert while we were there.
I had the salted caramel mochi and it was heavenly, like stunned silent good!
Then we headed home to our furry baby.

Okay enough babbling thank you for stopping in loves!!!

Piper Arielle