Monday, September 30, 2013

Family Dinner

 The family dinner to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday was perfect, down to the weather.
Mom's lemolade as Kaylor calls it
My eldest sister Megan cooking the asparagus in style with a cute stack of baubles!
Dad also known as master of the grill.
Mom also known as the gourmet chef who could make dirt taste like heaven!
The birthday boy who wasn't allowed to help because it was his special day! 
Nom NOM NOMMM!!!!!!!
Our dinner bell is cuter than yours! ;)
Wade and his specially selected steak.
Mcky slept through most of the festivities and woke up only when is was time for cake!
Coincidence or baby genius?
Megan fixed her sweetie's plate to perfection!!!
Yes, I apologize for the inevitable pool of drool now covering your keyboard!
Is it obvious we aren't vegetarian?
The piece de resistance a home made chocolate layered cake with raspberries and chocolate shavings on top.
I was so full from dinner but still managed to make room for this heavenly delight made by mom! 
 Last but not least here is a picture of dad sword fighting with the now VERY awake McKy! 
Colton and Chase were there as well but for some reason I didn't get any pictures of them!
Our family isn't perfect but we are happy and we love each other and get along most of the time. 
 Another perfect ending to a perfect day.

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Piper (That's me! ;))

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oxblood and a Peplum

Another Outfit of the day finally!!! 

This is the outfit that I wore to church today!
I did a little bit of color blocking with an oxblood pencil skirt and a navy lace peplum top!
I feel a little bit like a secretary from the 50's here!
Sadly I was too impatient to wear the top without taking the time to tailor it.
Next time I wear it in a post I will try to have it trim and altered!
I hope everyone had a great sunday, I know we did! 
Pictures from today's birthday lunch for my brother-in-law Wade will be up sometime tomorrow!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Chase

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Batman and the 5K

 Kermit peed a little.
 Sunrise this morning on our way to volunteer at the 5K.

 Megan got to come with us and tortured Colton who was riding in "Her" seat.
 Colton's seat was shoved up so far forward, he was begging Megan to stop pushing on his seat. 
 A glimpse of the bay.
 After getting our assignments of what we were supposed to do we headed to McDonald's
since it was the only thing open, Dad saw the batman masks and HAD to have one... or two!
 We all took turns wearing the masks aside from mom and no one wore it more delicately than Colton! 
 Just a couple of sisters rocking the heck out of crime fighting gear!
 The sailboat marina that we walked passed on our way to our spots! 
 I love living in Florida.
 Waiting for the race to begin Megan started tickling Colton who is laughing and in pain from tearing a couple of muscles in his chest. 
What are siblings for if not to make you work through your pain with a little laughter?!
 As we started homeward bound we noticed two elderly men changing a tire we stopped and Colton helped them torn muscles and all!

Today's 5K was for Haul Of Heros supporting troops who have become amputees in the recent years.
It was such a great cause and such a beautiful day to spend with the family and although she wasn't with us physically we know that our sister Mia was with us in spirit, to day was almost like old times.

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Piper and Nancy

Monday, September 23, 2013

Scottish Girl Scout

 Girl Scout cookies are the best and this little uniform is so cute!
you might not be able to tell but the pattern on the blouse is actually the Girl Scout emblem!
Pretty nifty huh?
And the socks and hat are actually from Scotland!
Just call me the Scottish Girl Scout! 

 Whatchou talkin' bout Willis?! 
 Seriously this dress is amazing! someone could totally wear it as a bohemian wedding dress!!!
It would be the most comfortable wedding dress too!

 A few of the outfits from today's photo shoot!
Head over to SassySisterVintage for these beautiful vintage clothes and many more!

After today's photo shoot I got to make some very interesting friends!
These Alpacas were so friendly and SO soft!!! 
Aren't they precious?!

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Kim and Myself

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Estate Sale

I was finally able to do another outfit of the day!
It feels like it's been forever!!!
Maybe it's just me? 
What I wore antiquing and to an estate sale today with my sister Megan.
Do you spy Diesel?

 My sweet little nephew first thing this morning complete with bed head and cowboy boots!

 These were only some of the cars there for the estate sale, it was elbow to elbow but it was worth it!
I will share my spoils on the next blog post!
Today's beautiful cloud show was a nice little present on the way home from a very successful day!
I hope everyone is having a great week!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Nancy and Me!