Saturday, September 28, 2013

Batman and the 5K

 Kermit peed a little.
 Sunrise this morning on our way to volunteer at the 5K.

 Megan got to come with us and tortured Colton who was riding in "Her" seat.
 Colton's seat was shoved up so far forward, he was begging Megan to stop pushing on his seat. 
 A glimpse of the bay.
 After getting our assignments of what we were supposed to do we headed to McDonald's
since it was the only thing open, Dad saw the batman masks and HAD to have one... or two!
 We all took turns wearing the masks aside from mom and no one wore it more delicately than Colton! 
 Just a couple of sisters rocking the heck out of crime fighting gear!
 The sailboat marina that we walked passed on our way to our spots! 
 I love living in Florida.
 Waiting for the race to begin Megan started tickling Colton who is laughing and in pain from tearing a couple of muscles in his chest. 
What are siblings for if not to make you work through your pain with a little laughter?!
 As we started homeward bound we noticed two elderly men changing a tire we stopped and Colton helped them torn muscles and all!

Today's 5K was for Haul Of Heros supporting troops who have become amputees in the recent years.
It was such a great cause and such a beautiful day to spend with the family and although she wasn't with us physically we know that our sister Mia was with us in spirit, to day was almost like old times.

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Piper and Nancy

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