Monday, September 9, 2013

Pan Am To Debutante

Ponchos are going to be a thing this season, this vintage fur number would do the trick!  

 This is SO Pan Am, I wish american flight attendants still dressed like this! 

Without the little cropped jacket this one reminds me of pictures of my grandmother when she first came to the states.
 This dress is keeping it classy with such a pretty color, subtle beading and a flattering shape!

This is 60's channeling 20's and with the Gatsby movement still underway I'd say this one is going to sell faster than you can say Daisy Buchanan! 
Everything you see plus so much more will be listed in the etsy shop SassySisterVintage.

 Mcky getting his little nap when I stopped by my sister's house to surprise her.
Yes that is spit, I take these pictures to show his girlfriend one day!

 My outfit today and another little peek at my sister's new home! 
Eventually she will let me write an entire blog about it but for now here's a corner of the dining area! 

I Had to do another edit for this picture I just love how it looks but I wanted everyone to see the great color of the dress!
That's why I do these second edits! 
I hope everyone reading this is having a great day and if you aren't I hope this made your day a little brighter!
Now I'm going to go stuff myself with a BLT minus the T! ;)
Piper Arielle

Photos by:Kim, Megan and Me


  1. Great pics Piper and thanks for including a link! Lovin' what I'm seeing at Megan's house.