Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Spy and April Fools

Pretty little shells on the barrier.
Mom and dad being adorable.
The tiniest crab you barely can see in the palm of my hand.
"En Garde you savage"-crab
A cousin holding a sleeping Nephew.
Always a mischievous smile from my Grandma.
The sweetest stinker in the world.
I met this dog and now I want a dog with a beard.
Every night was a completely different and wonderful display of light and shadow like a watercolor painting. 
My handsome man on the top bunk checking his emails early in the morning.
Now for the story on how this handsome fellow tricked me twice on April Fools.

On April 1st in the afternoon he talked to me on the phone before going into work as usual. 
I told him I was so excited to see him the next day (when we planned for him to arrive) and I hoped he would have a wonderful day.
Later that night 12:00am I'm curling my cousins hair (that's a normal activity for midnight, right?) he calls me like he normally does when he gets out of work.
He's on speaker phone because my hands are full so everyone can hear him.
I ask how his day went and if it was hard, he says "It could have been but maybe I drove all day and night and I'm in front of the house right now."
Of course I don't believe him but get excited anyways despite myself, my brother starts walking out of the front door to check.
Everyone who was still awake at the time follows me to the front where I walk around outside looking high and low saying "You're not here. I don't see you, I don't believe you, where are you?!!!"
He then proceeds to yell "APRIL FOOLS!"
I told him it wasn't funny with a smile on my face and walked back inside where he popped out from a side hallway, I literally hit the floor (A habit of mine when my emotions crash, good or bad) and yes I had been April Fooled twice in less than 5 minutes!
I nearly cried but held it together just enough to jump back up and attempt to squeeze the sneaky son of a gun to death! 
BEST April Fools EVER!!!
He had coordinated everything with Megan just to surprise me!
The surprise part was great but I got to have my handsome man with me one extra day, that was truly the tops.

Piper Arielle

Photos By: Piper (moi)