Saturday, December 13, 2014


This is an OOTD for those in-between days.
If you live in a place like Florida where the weather has major mood swings, you know what I'm talking about!
Yesterday was one of those days where you could get away with a light jacket but if you are going out until the evening when the temperatures drop than you should probably dress in layers.
I went Shopping all day with my sister Megan and then met my parents in the evening to go see Meet the Mormons.
Both activities were so fun and I didn't feel too hot or too cold when temperatures began to drop.
The vintage pieces I'm wearing are the scarf, belt and shorts!

The sunglasses are TOMS and I ADORE them!
I've never bought nice sunglasses for myself simply because I'm afraid of loosing, breaking or disliking them soon after buying them!
Every time I walked into Eagle Eye Outfitters I went to the case and tried them on, it was so bad that the last time I was in there one of the employees said "I heard you finally got those TOMS sunglasses." Apparently my lust was very obvious and I haven't regretted my purchase yet!

Okay I think I've talked about sunglasses a little bit too long!
In other news, I've finally started a Facebook page for my photography!!!
If you would like to check it out search Piper Arielle Photography and you should find me! ;)
And my photography instagram account is @piperarielle!
I hope you enjoyed this OOTD as much as I enjoyed wearing it and I will see you next time!!!


Piper Arielle

Photos by: Chase

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blue Velvet

So I've been so busy lately taking pictures for everyone that I've been slacking on my own blog!
Of course having less daylight in these winter months is a big downer that means less working hours!
I'm also on babysitting duty tonight so this is going to be brief!
I've been digging out some of my old things that I've never worn or bought with the intention of posting on my etsy shop.
That, in my view, is the perfect opportunity to play dress up in all of the things you can't decide to get rid of or not!
Which is exactly my struggle with this dress, It's not the most flattering thing I own but oh how it is comfortable!
I'm also having a velvet moment where I even want velvet lips! 
(It's a lime crime thing)
In the end I'll probably keep it a little longer(hoarder much?) dreaming of a smaller bust that in my mind would solve many of my fashion dilemmas!

Until next time!
Piper Arielle

Photos by: My trusty tripod!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Emerald City

Why yes that is a fully sequined dress I'm wearing!
The dress is vintage and the necklaces are Sorrelli in the color Emerald City.
I had so much fun styling these vintage inspired Sorrelli pieces! 
The day was somewhat overcast but it made for a nice glow!
If you haven't read any of my blogs recently I have to fill you in on a trunk show happening Nov 21 & 22 starting at 9:00am to 5:00pm!
Sorrelli pieces will be on sale up to 50% OFF!!!
If you are in the area stop by to check out the beautiful jewelry for fabulous prices!
For more info check out the link Here.
I hope you get a chance to go if you live in the area, it's going to be a fun and sparkly time!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Colton 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Layers upon layers of sparkle!!!
I layered four Sorrelli necklaces to add a touch of luxe to this distressed T-shirt.
 One of my favorite things to do when styling is add unexpected things to create balance.
 It makes your clothes more wearable for everyday!
I hope this was a helpful tip and you enjoyed the pictures!
I'm wearing a distressed T by soul cycle and necklaces by Sorrelli in the colors Dress blues and Raw sugar, the earrings and ring are Dress blues and the bracelet is Raw 
The watch is Michael Kors and the Jade bangle was a gift from my sister! :)  

Don't forget that the SORRELLI trunk show will be going on on NOV. 21st and 22nd from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at The Bead Garden of Bonifay click the link for more info!!!
There will be a giveaway and the Sorrelli will be marked down up to 50% OFF!!!
Seriously I'm so excited!
So mark your calendars and remember that a lot of Holidays are right around the corner so you want to plan your outfits to go with your new Sorrelli pieces!
Sorrelli also makes for a great gift (cough, cough) so keep that in mind if you see the perfect thing for someone you love!!! 
I hope I see you there!!! 

Piper arielle

Photos by: My tripod and I

And here is a picture of Colton and I that I just felt like adding since we took it Sunday! 
He and Chase take some of the pictures here for the blog! 
(This photo was taken by Chase! ;))

Monday, November 10, 2014

Northern Lights

Styling a Sorrelli necklace as a headpiece/tiara to compliment my fancy yet super simple braided hairstyle!
Sometimes jewelry is just begging to be worn in your hair!
I think that the style of these Northern Lights earrings is one of my favorites! 
My mom has the same pair in RoseWater and I LOVE them!!!
Also one of my favorite blog photo shoots ever I'll post the link in case you haven't seen it! >>Mysteria<<

Both of the colors and styles will be available at the SORRELLI trunk show at The Bead Garden of Bonifay.
The show will be November 21 and 22 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
There will be drawings for jewelry but you must stop by to put your name in the pot!
Of course the Sorrelli pieces will be on sale 20-50% OFF so stopping in for a little shopping is a must!!!
For more info click the link Event Page!

I hope to see you there! 
Piper Arielle

Photos by: My tripod and a I!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Viridescence Squared

This blog is going to be how I styled the same Sorrelli pieces two ways with a small intermission between looks! ;)
How about that 90's holding the color open pose?
Lol I had to keep the collar open to SHOW the necklace I was talking about! 
The first way I styled the Viridescence  was with this white shirtdress that ties at the waist, I didn't photograph the bottom because it started raining and I was just using my tripod.

Now for the intermission I promised!
This was the same day that I took the above pictures, I became Miranda Sings for a fall festival and I didn't regret my costume choice once, even after no one knew who I was!
But look at this baby love he is my precious nephew and I want him to stay this size forever!!!! 

The next look was a little bit more casual with a bohemian street style feel! 
 When it comes to flannels I have an addiction, they're comfortable and warm and very no fuss chic! 
The biggest plus is that it never truly goes out of style, it is kind of everywhere right now but they are so versatile that I can't help but want more for a lifetime of flannel wearing!!!
Did I mention I had an addiction?
Just call me the Brawny Man! 
I usually dress up my flannels for going out occasions by slipping on a great statement necklace and earrings!
I instantly feel a little bit more put together!
  Again I didn't take any full body photos but I am wearing blue jeans on bottom with a a pair of TOMS flats that are navy and cream striped.
Super fascinating I know! ;) 
                    These looks are very simple and can be done with the jewelry of your choice! 
                                When it comes to accessorizing the possibilities are endless! 

Don't forget!!!
November 21 and 22 is the Celebrate the Holidays with Sparkle trunk show at The Bead Garden of Bonifay.
Doors open at 9:00 am and close at 5:00pm which gives you plenty of time to snag these great deals!!!
The Entire in stock collections are on SALE from 20 to 50% OFF!!!
I'm drooling already!
There will also be $10 bling bucks available for the first shoppers to get there while supplies last!!!
Also those who sign up at the event will be entered to win SORRELLI JEWELRY!
Needless to say you should mark your calendar and take advantage of this trunk show!
Sorrelli makes the perfect gift and the styles are so diverse, just like the woman that wear them! 
There truly is something for everyone!!! 
For any more info about the event you can click the link Event Page!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: My tripod and I ;) and Megan for my Miranda pic.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


FYI, I couldn't take full breaths in this dress!
Another fabulous and fun photo shoot with SassySisterVintage!
We've been to this abandoned building before for one other photo shoot and we really loved the pictures so we went back!
The Building has really started to be taken back by nature and  it's crazy how much it has changed in such a short amount of time!
The fabulous other model is Azurea who also has a blog,
 You  can check her out and show your support! :)
Thanks for stopping by and as always when I post on Sundays I tend to keep it short!
Until next time!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Kim (the fourth was a test shot I took and I liked it so much we kept it!;))
I love when that happens!

Friday, October 24, 2014


So far one of my favorite colors Sorrelli has come up with!
I know they all seem to be my favorite but seriously this color is so stunning!
November 21 and 22 is the Celebrate the Holidays with Sparkle trunk show at The Bead Garden of Bonifay.
Doors open at 9:00 am and close at 5:00pm which gives you plenty of time to snag these great deals!!!
The Entire in stock collections are on SALE from 20 to 50% OFF!!!
That's crazy!
There will also be $10 bling bucks available for the first shoppers to get there while supplies last!!!
Also those who sign up at the event will be entered to win SORRELLI JEWELRY!
Needless to say you should mark your calendar and take advantage of this trunk show!
Sorrelli makes the perfect gift and always catches the eye of holiday party goers!
I can't wear my favorite Sorrelli earrings without getting at least two women asking me "Who are they by?" or "Are those Sorrelli?"
And that isn't an exaggeration! ;)
People notice Sorrelli because it is beautiful, looks like vintage but shines like a shiny new penny!
Okay I promise I'll stop until the next post! ;)

For any more info click the link Event Page!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: My tripod and I 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bikers in Bama

 Look but don't touch, this little guy was inhabiting our campsite before us!
 This was the least embarrassing of the selfies we took that night by the fire!
 This little dude was pretty cool except when he jumped ON me, then my natural reaction was to sweep him off and where did he land but on my mom!

Then mom tried to grab him and he jumped onto dads cup! 
 Finally he settled in the leaves on the ground, as photogenic as ever!
 The koi were huge and the biggest left a wake every where he swam, He was basically the great white from JAWS!
 Remember that eclipse from earlier this month?
This is me missing it by a day... :(
 I love this random picture because I think it shows just how hot and bright it gets in south Alabama.
 Wild flowers right off of the trail!
 So the entire reason for our road trip is due to a huge motorcycle event at Barber motor sports park.
These fellow campers were here for the same reason!
The man in the black built this fully electric motorcycle from the ground up!
 He even did the custom paint job! ;)
 This was the first bike he built with a diesel engine.
 And that is part of a welcome mat, too perfect!

 Enjoying the races!

 Mom's handy work!
 We picked the perfect time to be staying at the state park!
This took place a few minutes drive away from our campsite and was oh so fun!
 All of the vendors were so sweet and I wanted that hat!

 Just so you know I'm standing on my  toes in this picture!
These were two Football players that both played for Alabama and the one on the right, Bob Baumhauer, later played for the Miami Dolphins.
I'm not the biggest football fan but they were very sweet! 
 This dog looked like a smaller version of diesel and his eyes! @_@
 This is steeper than it looks and we practically ran down it! 
I was half expecting to crack my knee open at any moment!
 Hiking to the "Waterfall" looking like a very awkward very pale gorilla.
 The workout was worth it and the fun time racing down the mountain but I think we sweat more than that waterfalls flow! 
 Mom Above us when we told them not to worry about coming the rest of the way down!
 ...That is the waterfall, that little trickle of H2O behind colton who tore his feet up after not wearing tennis shoes on the hike!
 Chase being epic.
 Chase threw a rock and hit me in the leg so to make up for it he carried my camera bag back up the mountain for me! 
I was grateful because the hike up is always harder than the hike down!
And yes we were "glistening" from the effort! 
 The view.

 These guys had there style all figured out and I am not embarrassed to ask random people to let me photograph them! ;)
This guy was just a cool dude with great personal style in a devil may care sort of way!
People like this are the ones I really think of when someone says "I woke up like this."
You know me, picking up guys everywhere I go!
 The Triumph tent is always one of my favorites, Seriously, this bike has a picnic blanket!!!
 My family minus myself and Megan, Megan didn't come and someone has to take the picture!
 So I took one with my invisible family!
 But then Colton and Chase took pity and jumped in!
 On our way home the boys went the right way and Mom, Dad and I got a little bit lost...
So we went to another park where they used to make Iron and learned a lot of interesting things!
I like history, like a lot... Nerd alert!  
 The creek that powered the huge hammers was beautiful and people were swimming in a little area upstream.
And this is where the magic happened! It was bombed during the civil war but this is the best intact iron forge in the south from that time!
 And then we all made it home and slept like crazy!

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure!!!
Piper Arielle

Photos by everyone at some point in the trip!