Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blue Velvet

So I've been so busy lately taking pictures for everyone that I've been slacking on my own blog!
Of course having less daylight in these winter months is a big downer that means less working hours!
I'm also on babysitting duty tonight so this is going to be brief!
I've been digging out some of my old things that I've never worn or bought with the intention of posting on my etsy shop.
That, in my view, is the perfect opportunity to play dress up in all of the things you can't decide to get rid of or not!
Which is exactly my struggle with this dress, It's not the most flattering thing I own but oh how it is comfortable!
I'm also having a velvet moment where I even want velvet lips! 
(It's a lime crime thing)
In the end I'll probably keep it a little longer(hoarder much?) dreaming of a smaller bust that in my mind would solve many of my fashion dilemmas!

Until next time!
Piper Arielle

Photos by: My trusty tripod!

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