Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Other Home Is Near The Sea

I'm quite sure water is magic,
It casts a spell on me any time I am near.

This past week one of my aunts and her family came to stay here in Florida,
these are a few pictures I snapped when we stayed at the bay with them.

This is also the place where my family lived a whole summer and one of my fondest childhood memories
is living here.
We would go crabbing off of that same little pier and bedtime was whenever we passed out from a full day of searching for hermit crabs and playing on the little playground. 
My dad used to always joke that I was part fish.
(I'm still not convinced I'm not a mermaid)
Whenever I go back to this place I feel like I'm at my other home near the sea.

This trip was extra special because I was able to go to a recording studio with my talented little cousin.
She writes amazing songs and has a great voice, the whole process was really interesting to see.
We have a sweet project in the works and I hope to be able to share it with all of you soon!

Piper Arielle   

Monday, June 24, 2013

Officially Summer

This is what summer looked like today.

Picking wild blackberries for jelly, dodging snakes, spiders and thorns, it's just another day in paradise!

Some of my family is visiting us this week and they had some of my homemade blackberry/blueberry jelly 
for the first time.... They are taking two jars home with them!!!
I'm so proud of how great the jelly turned out and I plan on making more this year with the help of my oh so lovely Mother! 

If you've never picked wild blackberries than you probably don't know how bad the thorns can hurt your hands or anything exposed for that matter!
It's all natural/organic and tastes AMAZING, It's hard work but so worth it!

***2 Simple Beauty Tips for Summer***

Never forget the Sunscreen!!! 
I put a sunscreen/moisturizer on by OLAY and it keeps the sun off without breaking my face out!
That's important to me since I have sensitive skin and I don't want wrinkles! 
I don't mind a little sun but I don't want to be Leather faced at 30! 
I know I'm exaggerating but you get the point.
Drink WATER!!!
I can't express the importance of drinking water enough!!!
I Personally LOVE water as is but if you can't do it straight try water with Lime/mint/cucumber.
It's pretty and refreshing! 
Not only is it good for you to drink water it makes you even look better!!! 
I challenge you to drink more water a day and I promise you will notice a difference!
If you drink water exclusively you will even notice a difference in weight!!! 
Who doesn't want to lose a few for summer?   

Happy beginning of summer!!!
Piper Arielle



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hey Boyfriend!

 Long time no see!

I've finally had some time to blog!!! YAY!!!
I recently got back from a trip to Gainesville where I was able to hangout with two of my bestest friends!
I was able to meet cool new people and Taste the best pizza I've ever had!
I love going new places I just wish the drive were a wee bit shorter! 

The Boyfriend Jeans I'm wearing are from the forever21 we went to!
It was meant to be since there were only two pairs left and one was in my size!!!
Did I mention they were on sale?! 
They are so comfortable! 
Due to my lack of height I plan on wearing them with heels the first chance I get!
I know they are going to look so cute! 

Piper Arielle 

Saturday, June 8, 2013


 Today's outfit of the day! 

This morning started at 6:00 am Bright and early!
I had a Photo shoot and a festival to go to!

The photo shoot was first and so much fun, I absolutely adore the boutique it was for!
I got to see old friends and make new ones!
I wore a different necklace and shorts a costume change if you will to the festival.
This hat came in handy and I still pinch myself every time I remember that I only paid a dollar! 

Sorry for the short post but short is better than nonexistent, right?!   

Piper Williams