Monday, June 24, 2013

Officially Summer

This is what summer looked like today.

Picking wild blackberries for jelly, dodging snakes, spiders and thorns, it's just another day in paradise!

Some of my family is visiting us this week and they had some of my homemade blackberry/blueberry jelly 
for the first time.... They are taking two jars home with them!!!
I'm so proud of how great the jelly turned out and I plan on making more this year with the help of my oh so lovely Mother! 

If you've never picked wild blackberries than you probably don't know how bad the thorns can hurt your hands or anything exposed for that matter!
It's all natural/organic and tastes AMAZING, It's hard work but so worth it!

***2 Simple Beauty Tips for Summer***

Never forget the Sunscreen!!! 
I put a sunscreen/moisturizer on by OLAY and it keeps the sun off without breaking my face out!
That's important to me since I have sensitive skin and I don't want wrinkles! 
I don't mind a little sun but I don't want to be Leather faced at 30! 
I know I'm exaggerating but you get the point.
Drink WATER!!!
I can't express the importance of drinking water enough!!!
I Personally LOVE water as is but if you can't do it straight try water with Lime/mint/cucumber.
It's pretty and refreshing! 
Not only is it good for you to drink water it makes you even look better!!! 
I challenge you to drink more water a day and I promise you will notice a difference!
If you drink water exclusively you will even notice a difference in weight!!! 
Who doesn't want to lose a few for summer?   

Happy beginning of summer!!!
Piper Arielle



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