Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hey Boyfriend!

 Long time no see!

I've finally had some time to blog!!! YAY!!!
I recently got back from a trip to Gainesville where I was able to hangout with two of my bestest friends!
I was able to meet cool new people and Taste the best pizza I've ever had!
I love going new places I just wish the drive were a wee bit shorter! 

The Boyfriend Jeans I'm wearing are from the forever21 we went to!
It was meant to be since there were only two pairs left and one was in my size!!!
Did I mention they were on sale?! 
They are so comfortable! 
Due to my lack of height I plan on wearing them with heels the first chance I get!
I know they are going to look so cute! 

Piper Arielle 

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