Saturday, March 30, 2013

Preppy, Petite, Polka Dots

 Happy Day before Easter!!! 

Yesterday was a GREAT Good Friday. 
My Mom, one of my sisters and I went Thrift store hopping, (Get it? Easter bunny, Hopping? Yes I am that corny!)to all of our favorite spots! 
I found these Khaki shorts and So many other goodies I can't wait to style and photograph!!! 
The only two new things I bought yesterday were this Adorable bow ring and the Petite, Polka Dot chambray shirt I'm wearing.
 It's so cute with the light blue color and little dots. I'm acquiring too much chambray.... Just kidding, you can never have too much chambray! 
Expect to see me wearing this thing ragged I think I've found another favorite! 

The belt and Cameo necklace are vintage, the Shoes are lace TOMS and the Dream Catcher bracelet is Mia Luna you can find them on my etsy shop! 

The photo bombing German Shepard is at it again!!! 
Instead of Where's Waldo I'm going to start a Where's Diesel (That's the dog's name).

Happy Easter Everyone! 
Piper Arielle 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Spring of 1945

I like to pretend the year is 1945 and the end of the war is still fresh on everyone's minds.
 For Hannah that means Tom, the boy next door, will come home and find a beautiful young woman took the place of the cute kid who followed him around everywhere.
Boy is he in for a surprise! 

 I was so happy to be a part of this little photo shoot today! 
Styling it was a blast and taking my baby (Camera) to the beach for the first time was so exciting! 
The cutie pie in the pictures wanted something different for her Senior Portraits, 
So this fun shoot was the outcome.
We were going for Vintage yet current, Senior Portraits that won't fade with the fads.  
Of course these are a little bit like behind the scenes shots since I was the Stylist/Makeup Artist  
and Nikki Jordan Elmore was Head Photographer.
Piper Arielle


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tried and True

 No I'm not angry the sun is just in my eyes! ;) 

One of my favorite necklaces taking the spotlight today. 
I found this beauty years ago in a little antique store that has since gone out of business.  
It doesn't hold much monetary value but it was my very first (of many) statement necklace. 
It's one of my favorites and goes great with simple T-Shirts as well as elegant dresses.
I've paired it with many outfits here on the blog and even more that the blog never saw. 
It's been my tried and true as well as one of the least expensive statement necklaces I've ever bought.
I'm not one to say that I have rules in fashion but if I did rule #1 Wear what makes you happy
and #2 Great style doesn't mean great big price tags.
Find what you love at the price you love! 
Words of Wisdom from me! 
Use them how you will.
Piper Arielle  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Muddy Little Feet

 Sunday walks with the family, Roaming fields of wild flowers and acres of clover,
Makes for the perfect ending of one week and the promise of a bright, new beginning. 

Little feet finding their way into big puddles, 
Big eyes searching my face for honesty when I tell tales of water moccasins and 12 ft Alligators.
The excited frenzy when one stumbles upon a four leaf clover, 
The frantic search when the whole party decides he or she WILL be next. 
Teaching small ones to leave the fruit blossoms be, 
Without the blossoms there will be no fruit to bare. 
Touching the soft bloom of the foreboding thistle, 
kissing the hurts that it caused. 
Passing love around with smiles and stories, 
Appreciating the little moments that make it the best day of the week. 

From My Family to You and Yours
Happy Sunday
     Piper Arielle     

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chill Attire

 Warm and fuzzy inside (and out).
Even though it's officially spring a light coat or cardigan can save you from the chill in the air.
This mohair sweater is perfect to keep me warm without making me overheat! 

The shirt is a GAP menswear find, It has the state of Wyoming on it with cute little tourist spots including Bigfoot sightings! I thought it was quirky and fun, not to mention how soft it is!!! 

The pants are ReRock and are some of my best fitting jeans, I don't like for my pants to look painted on but I hate when they droop by the end of the day. I get a happy in between with these! 

Basically this is an example of cute casual! 
You can be comfortable without looking like you just woke up! 
Of course I'm a hypocrite, If I don't leave the house I change from one set of pj's to another! 
Shhh... don't tell anyone though! ;) 

                         Piper Arielle   

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Never Outgrow Your Imagination

 You said it was a dried up stream bed, We said it was an army trench. 
You see red clay dirt clods, We see Grenades. 
You watch trees swaying in the distance, We watch the enemy advancing. 
You laugh at the canteen wedged in a hole carved out by little hands,
We laugh that you don't realize it is a refrigerator to keep our juice cool.
You admire the thistles and moss and call them such.
We admire the handiwork and beds of fairies.
You observe little holes from erosion, We observe the homes where fairies whisper and watch. 
You notice a puddle of water and we notice the fairies reflecting pool, 
everyone knows that fairies are vain. 

We in this case means me and my younger twin brothers, a year and a half age difference meant we counted on each other to stay entertained.   
This is a little look into our imagination when we were in elementary school.
I didn't make any of the stories up this is really where we played, fought and dreamed.
The craziest part about these pictures is how the canteen is still there!!!  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winter's Spring

 For me the best part of winter is the very end! 
I know what you're thinking "That's everyone's favorite part piper." 
What I really mean is that transition period, when winter melts into spring! In my little corner of the globe it's more like washing into spring due to the massive amounts of rainfall. No snow, just rain!
One appreciates the very first signs of spring much more because of the dark and dull colors winter displayed all season. 
So I guess what I'm trying to say, is thank you winter because of you the world seems fresh and new once more. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Purse Swap

What's a purse swap you might ask? Well it's pretty simple usually a group of girls and/or women bring a purse or two that they aren't crushing on as much as they used to. Then everyone swaps them! 
My mother was giving a talk at a church event, It was like a tea party minus the tea and at the end we all took turns at the pile of purses! 
That's where I got this fabulous calf hair purse. I was one of the last to choose and the two I had picked out from the beginning were still there!   
    One of the best parts about having a taste for fashion that is different from others in my area, (different doesn't mean better), Is finding something no one looks twice at!
The bracelet is Mia Luna and can be found here.
The cameo appearance was by my white German shepherd named Diesel! He just so happens to match the purse! :)