Sunday, March 24, 2013

Muddy Little Feet

 Sunday walks with the family, Roaming fields of wild flowers and acres of clover,
Makes for the perfect ending of one week and the promise of a bright, new beginning. 

Little feet finding their way into big puddles, 
Big eyes searching my face for honesty when I tell tales of water moccasins and 12 ft Alligators.
The excited frenzy when one stumbles upon a four leaf clover, 
The frantic search when the whole party decides he or she WILL be next. 
Teaching small ones to leave the fruit blossoms be, 
Without the blossoms there will be no fruit to bare. 
Touching the soft bloom of the foreboding thistle, 
kissing the hurts that it caused. 
Passing love around with smiles and stories, 
Appreciating the little moments that make it the best day of the week. 

From My Family to You and Yours
Happy Sunday
     Piper Arielle     

1 comment:

  1. While your landscape and floral pictures are quite beautiful, my favorites are the people pictures! Megan's face is priceless- and oh, those sweet muddy toes! =]