Friday, March 8, 2013

Purse Swap

What's a purse swap you might ask? Well it's pretty simple usually a group of girls and/or women bring a purse or two that they aren't crushing on as much as they used to. Then everyone swaps them! 
My mother was giving a talk at a church event, It was like a tea party minus the tea and at the end we all took turns at the pile of purses! 
That's where I got this fabulous calf hair purse. I was one of the last to choose and the two I had picked out from the beginning were still there!   
    One of the best parts about having a taste for fashion that is different from others in my area, (different doesn't mean better), Is finding something no one looks twice at!
The bracelet is Mia Luna and can be found here.
The cameo appearance was by my white German shepherd named Diesel! He just so happens to match the purse! :)  

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