Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It was $0.99!!!

 I found this fabulous hat last week after my dentist appointment in Alabama. 
Where did I stumble upon this beaut, you might ask. If you haven't guessed by the title I bought it at the thrift shop for, drum roll please, $1.00!!! So it wasn't $0.99 but come on it was too close not to use the Macklemore - Thrift shop reference!
The instant I saw it my mind flew to Audrey Hepburn fishing in Paris France while Fred Astaire took her photograph. Funny Face is the name of the film and I recommend it to anyone 
who loves Audrey, Fashion, Paris Or all three! So in honor of the Hat inspiration I kept the french theme
with the navy strips and rolled trousers. The Leopard belt and red clutch keep the look fresh and lend a nice pop to the ensemble, While the Oxfords and the Pearls keep it classy.
 You can find similar Oxfords here
Hat - Thrift Shop
Pearl Necklace - A gift from my mother
Coat - Vintage   
Belt - Vintage
Clutch - Thrift Shop
Pants - Gap
Shoes - Born      
Ring - Gift    

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  1. just became your newest follower, love the macklemore reference and your find! cant wait to read more would love love to have you follow back via Google Friend Connect xo