Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Family Portraits OOTD

This outfit is from two weeks ago but it's better late than never to post, right?
The shirt, belt and pearls are vintage.
I went with very little makeup due to having family portraits that day almost directly after church.
Not having to take off my makeup meant I had time to put fresh makeup on for pictures!
It's all about time management! ;)
Thank you for stopping by!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Chase

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Holiday Craziness

Grandma with Ashton.
Ashton and McKy.
Jaizy and mom.
Papa with his tractor.
My cousin Alex riding shotgun.
Odds and ends in the barn.
A beautiful winter sunset in a pasture. 
The mossy trail behind an art exhibit in the everglades.
My adventure buddies, My handsome man and my handsome brother.(The blurry one in the background is chase;))
Freakishly large grasshoppers.
Strike a pose.
(He taught me everything I know.)
Even covered in who knows what these guys were mesmerizing my camera.

That would be a very fast otter pretty well camouflaged.
A Blue Heron being majestic.
This guy is on the same bank every time I see him.
Colton being smooth as per usual.
This guy would not sit still for barking his head off at me, If I spoke dog he would probably be saying "Let me at 'em" x2.
Yes I did watch entirely too many looney toons as a child.
How did you guess?
So again I have to apologize for getting too busy to write!
The Holidays are crazy and I went on two road trips plus having several photos to edit meant that the blog had to take a back seat for awhile! 
I'm going to try to do better as always!
Hopefully I will have some cool projects coming up to share with everyone! 

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Me