Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Holiday Craziness

Grandma with Ashton.
Ashton and McKy.
Jaizy and mom.
Papa with his tractor.
My cousin Alex riding shotgun.
Odds and ends in the barn.
A beautiful winter sunset in a pasture. 
The mossy trail behind an art exhibit in the everglades.
My adventure buddies, My handsome man and my handsome brother.(The blurry one in the background is chase;))
Freakishly large grasshoppers.
Strike a pose.
(He taught me everything I know.)
Even covered in who knows what these guys were mesmerizing my camera.

That would be a very fast otter pretty well camouflaged.
A Blue Heron being majestic.
This guy is on the same bank every time I see him.
Colton being smooth as per usual.
This guy would not sit still for barking his head off at me, If I spoke dog he would probably be saying "Let me at 'em" x2.
Yes I did watch entirely too many looney toons as a child.
How did you guess?
So again I have to apologize for getting too busy to write!
The Holidays are crazy and I went on two road trips plus having several photos to edit meant that the blog had to take a back seat for awhile! 
I'm going to try to do better as always!
Hopefully I will have some cool projects coming up to share with everyone! 

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Me

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