Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Allergies with a side of pearls

 I apologize right now for all of the allergy face I'm giving you right now!

As you can see very plainly see from my puffy barely open eyes I'm having an allergy attack! 
Not so cute but the outfit was too cute not to document! 
The Blazer I'm wearing is actually a little boy's blazer that I bought at the thrift store! 
And If you have seen my recent outfit posts you would most definitely recognize my Polka Dot light wash Chambray button up!    
And this is seriously my all time favorite necklace! 
As for the second picture.. GO ERMERICAA!
Piper Arielle

Monday, April 15, 2013

Take me out to the ball game!

 Tonight for FHE! 
My niece and nephew had a tee ball game and then we had root beer floats to celebrate!
This is my family!  

 Of course I had to include an outfit post from tonight! 
Printed pants for the win! 

Piper Arielle

Friday, April 12, 2013

I never promised you a rose garden.

 Overdosing on Polka Dots as of late! 

This was the Outfit I was going to wear to my little cousin's play but alas things didn't work out the way I planned! 

So I'm totally digging these round red sunglasses that lend a pop of color to this simple look! 
And I'm kind of obsessed with this hairstyle! I have curly, frizzy hair so it's nice to do a sleek do every now and again! (HAIR TIP) Living in the southeast where humidity is a love/hate relationship means improvising! Keep a couple of elastics in your bag in case your plan A decides to fluff up or fall flat on it's face! 

Thrifted/Vintage items today are the Polka Dot shirt and the three bracelets! 

Sorry for the goofy smile, my brother was making fun of me and caught this fun little shot!
The roses that you see are called Old Fashioned and smell so nice! I much prefer wild or garden flowers to the ones that have been so genetically altered, they no longer produce a scent!   
I hope everyone is having an enchanting spring! 
Piper Arielle   

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 Silly little kisses from me to you! 

Keeping it pretty casual today as you can see! 
The shirt may or may not have been my mom's I can't really remember, I've had it THAT long! 
It's a very soft linen with cute little Mexican flowers embroidered on the chest. 
I could seriously siesta in this thing! 

Sorry for the unkempt hair! 
To be perfectly honest this is how it looks majority of the time! 
Like Miley Cyrus it can't be tamed and
Like The Beatles I just Let it be!

Well, Here's looking at you kid. 
Piper Arielle

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Poindexter in Polka Dots

 Yes that is the same shirt from my last post! 

Today was the LDS general conference and afterwards my mom and I attended a bridal shower.
This is what I wore to both! 
The glasses are prescription, I'm basically blind without my contacts or glasses and my contacts are irritating me at the moment! (Curse you allergies!) I've never done an outfit post with the spectacles so I thought "eh, why not?"
I have two thrifted items in this outfit, the skirt and the leather clutch. 
The clutch was a recent find for $1.00!!! 
and the skirt I've had for some time now! 
I know pride isn't a good thing but I'm pretty proud of my vintage deal finding skills! 
One of the many favorable traits I inherited from my mom. 
The mint statement necklace that you see is from a wonderful Boutique in my hometown called
Ollie Mae's, you can order from their Facebook page! The shop owner is a sweet heart and a friend of mine! 
The mint and blush stone necklace was a valentines day gift from my oldest sister! She inherited the same good deal finding nose that I have, She's the one who found the blush colored skirt!
I love you Megan!!! 
Piper Arielle