Friday, April 12, 2013

I never promised you a rose garden.

 Overdosing on Polka Dots as of late! 

This was the Outfit I was going to wear to my little cousin's play but alas things didn't work out the way I planned! 

So I'm totally digging these round red sunglasses that lend a pop of color to this simple look! 
And I'm kind of obsessed with this hairstyle! I have curly, frizzy hair so it's nice to do a sleek do every now and again! (HAIR TIP) Living in the southeast where humidity is a love/hate relationship means improvising! Keep a couple of elastics in your bag in case your plan A decides to fluff up or fall flat on it's face! 

Thrifted/Vintage items today are the Polka Dot shirt and the three bracelets! 

Sorry for the goofy smile, my brother was making fun of me and caught this fun little shot!
The roses that you see are called Old Fashioned and smell so nice! I much prefer wild or garden flowers to the ones that have been so genetically altered, they no longer produce a scent!   
I hope everyone is having an enchanting spring! 
Piper Arielle   

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