Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tried and True

 No I'm not angry the sun is just in my eyes! ;) 

One of my favorite necklaces taking the spotlight today. 
I found this beauty years ago in a little antique store that has since gone out of business.  
It doesn't hold much monetary value but it was my very first (of many) statement necklace. 
It's one of my favorites and goes great with simple T-Shirts as well as elegant dresses.
I've paired it with many outfits here on the blog and even more that the blog never saw. 
It's been my tried and true as well as one of the least expensive statement necklaces I've ever bought.
I'm not one to say that I have rules in fashion but if I did rule #1 Wear what makes you happy
and #2 Great style doesn't mean great big price tags.
Find what you love at the price you love! 
Words of Wisdom from me! 
Use them how you will.
Piper Arielle  

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