Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chill Attire

 Warm and fuzzy inside (and out).
Even though it's officially spring a light coat or cardigan can save you from the chill in the air.
This mohair sweater is perfect to keep me warm without making me overheat! 

The shirt is a GAP menswear find, It has the state of Wyoming on it with cute little tourist spots including Bigfoot sightings! I thought it was quirky and fun, not to mention how soft it is!!! 

The pants are ReRock and are some of my best fitting jeans, I don't like for my pants to look painted on but I hate when they droop by the end of the day. I get a happy in between with these! 

Basically this is an example of cute casual! 
You can be comfortable without looking like you just woke up! 
Of course I'm a hypocrite, If I don't leave the house I change from one set of pj's to another! 
Shhh... don't tell anyone though! ;) 

                         Piper Arielle   

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