Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tin Man

 Mandatory "Robot dance" photo.
 So these are the pictures from Kayla's birthday/Art exhibit.
We were asked by one of our closest friends to paint ourselves silver in the name of art, fun and friendship.
What did we say to this? 
 We walked because it wasn't that far and we got some pretty awesome looks from the people of Thomasville, Georgia.
 Which one of these is not like the others?
 Getting into position...... and then staying there for an hour VERY still.
 This is our friend Emily who helped to create this night of awesomeness and invited us to take part.
 Breaking character for a photo op!
 The birthday girl who's eyes perfectly matched the silver paint! 
People were asking if she was wearing contacts especially for the event! 
 Thomasville is one of those sweet southern towns that oozes charm.
Some of the art at the gallery, So pretty!
A big THANK YOU to Jeremy(Emily's husband) who took all of these pictures for us!
You rock!
I hope you all enjoyed coming along with me and my friends for a fun little adventure!
See you next time!
Although I probably won't be nearly as attractive as I was in these picture!

Photos by: Jeremy

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