Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ring Talk

When Mike and I got engaged he proposed with a play ring of my niece's.
I said yes and then he pulled out the real ring, you can read more about the proposal Here.

One of  Mike and my favorite things about the ring is the ornate cage underneath.
When I was looking for a wedding band all of the jewelry store employees said I needed to get a band with a round contour so it would fit around my ring and/or I should probably get it soldered or it would eventually damage the cage. 
I didn't want to hear that but it was the same everywhere I went and I am a little stubborn.
I didn't want a contoured band and I didn't want to have my rings soldered together.
I wanted to be able to stack rings or wear my wedding band on its own, I'm indecisive, I need options.
But I didn't want to ruin my favorite part of the ring either. 
So I did some digging for a solution that could give me the most options.

Finally, after many a forum I found my answer! 
The option that would work best for me would be a spacer band.
That tiny 1mm thick band is barely noticeable but makes a world of difference.
It holds the two rings just far enough apart to never touch and it sits so low that it never touches any delicate parts. 
Another plus that I didn't expect is that if I am doing something outside or messy I put the spacer band on by itself. 
Also I don't sleep with my rings on (my fingers swell in my sleep) but the spacer is so comfy I put it on again after I take the other two off. 
I found mine on Etsy and the price was almost too good to believe!
 I'll put a link to the shop HERE.
This shop doesn't offer platinum but if you have a Platinum ring you shouldn't have to worry about this issue as much anyways! 
But if you still want one Etsy has other options.

I wanted to share this just in case there were any other girls out there like me trying to find what works best for them.
If what works best for you is soldering or a contoured band or even just wearing your rings together as is, that's perfectly fine. :) 

Now I will leave you with a picture of it on from a last post.

Piper Arielle


  1. You mentioned on the proposal post to ask you personally to tell us about your ring's significance. I'm just a hapa girl following you on Instagram and didn't think it'd be appropriate to ask you when we're just strangers. Would you consider doing a blog on the ring design and special details? If it's personal,i understand, but i designed my rings myself so i am just itching to know. Great post as always, Piper!

    1. Absolutely! I would love to share the story! I'll make a post about it soon and thank you for the suggestion! Keep your eyes peeled! ☺️