Monday, May 27, 2013

Creek Life

My outfit of the day! 

Just a few essentials for a day kayaking and canoeing on the creek with the family!
Sunscreen and a hat are a MUST!!! 
Protect your skin and stay hydrated, you only get one body so you should take care of it.

I have to admit that I ended up going with a different hat! 
My cousin french braided my hair for me which made the hat too snug for comfort!
But I took the picture before so sorry about that! ^_^

Today was spent on a beautiful spring fed creek with crystal blue water.
Most of my family went along and we had a blast! 
Sorry for the lack of pictures,
 I was too afraid to bring my camera without a waterproof housing!

We picnicked on a shady white sandbar 
while watching the children practice their swimming and canoeing techniques in the secluded bend of the creek we occupied. 
Of course I rolled down a small hill and assumed the position of a turtle on it's back,
giving everyone a good giggle and the wish that a video camera were present.
We made memories like we always do 
and like we will continue to do! 

Thank you to all of the soldiers who have ever served in the military and will serve in the future.
We are forever grateful to you.

Piper Arielle  

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