Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coral Blossoms, Coral Lips

 Who doesn't love a good Sun Flare? 

Usually I'm pretty content with a nude lip but today I felt like matching this AMAZING 
Coral rose necklace.
Seriously this thing is so much fun! This is the first time I've worn it, 
I think it's safe to say it will not be neglected!

The shirt is Cold water Creek.
It's one of my Go to pieces that I can just throw on! 
Everyone should have a go to for those days you're running late and need to look polished! 

As for the Lipstick it's Maybelline's Coral Crush.
I'm honestly not crazy about the formula but the color is fun!
I dab it on so it doesn't cake!
(That's the reason I'm not completely sold on it.) 

The name Coral Crush makes me think of Hawaii and so did the flower
in the last photo, sorry for my silly word association but now I want to go to Hawaii! 
Who's with me?! Just kidding! 

I'll Settle for Seaside though! ;) 

Piper Arielle     

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