Wednesday, May 1, 2013


 A Fresh outfit and a Fresh face! 

Sometimes the best things are the simple things! 
The shirt is the only vintage item today and the hat came from a little hat shop in Ohio. 
The shorts are A&E. 
My oxfords are ADORBS!!! You can find a similar pair Here By Dr.Martens check them out! 

The e.l.f. products are a STEAL!!! 
I have oily skin so my eye makeup likes to disappear on me! 
The eye primer is a dollar and great for simple everyday makeup.
While the double sided clear gel is meant for eyelashes and eyebrows I use both for my brows! 
It's also a dollar and even when I leave the house with no makeup on I use this to keep my brows in place! 
There are more expensive versions on the market but why spend money on something that works almost or just as well?
The blush is Who's your poppy by Too Faced and is my favorite blush to date! 
I highly recommend all of these products!
I prefer Dr.G (A Korean brand)BB cream to foundation but I use up what I have until it's gone! 
Unless I can't stand the product but usually I can cope, Waste not want not! 

I hope you all enjoyed this fresh little OOTD and Makeup peek! 

Piper Arielle

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