Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aw, shucks! For me?!

 Corn, it's what's for dinner! 

I was the 1999 Jr. Corn shucking champion...
 not really but I bet if I had competed the title would have been mine!

Here's a weird fact about me, I used to only eat corn if it was on the cob! 
Preferably right out of my grandfather's corn patch.
I turned my nose up at any corn that came in a can, not because I was a snob,
I just didn't like the taste!
 If you have never had fresh corn I HIGHLY recommend it! 
You can taste the freshness and shucking it is half of the fun! 
Not to mention how pretty the husks are!

And maybe I just always loved Pocahontas to the point of only eating corn the way she gathered it in the Disney movie!
I know, it's ridiculous but I think I thought I was every Disney princess at one point or another! 
Except maybe.... Nope, every single one of them!

Either way it's still my favorite way to eat corn and I've matured, I can eat corn from a can now
...sometimes! ;)

Sorry if you read this and thought "why is she talking about corn?"! 
I just think it's pretty and delicious! 
In a round about way it was an Outfit of the day since you got to see my outfit I wore shopping!
I bought a new skirt today so I'll do a post about it as soon as I wear it! 
It's pretty fierce! 

Piper Arielle 

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