Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Necklace or Headpiece?

Here comes the crazy train that is myself!
Yeah, I know I'm a Beast!
 (Just in case you can't tell... that's sarcasm!) :)  

So this post morphed into something completely different than when I planned it out in my head!!!! 
It started as a sun kissed barely there makeup tutorial (I might still do that some other time!)
Then as I was picking out my outfit I was like "This is too cute not to show it!" 
Then I decided to do a center part! 
That was the pivotal moment when I decided to wear this Coral/Rose J. Crew necklace as a Headpiece!

Of course it started out like a normal OOTD post for me, with serious looks and very little eye contact.
That's all fine and dandy but sometimes you just have to be silly! 
I mean muscle pictures?! I haven't done those in years!!! 
Does anyone else remember the scrawny kid from The Little Giants?
Yeah, I felt like him but not so scrawny! 

I guess what I'm trying to say is one doesn't have to take themselves so seriously all of the time!
Wear a necklace on your head! 
Wear barely there makeup!
Wear a goofy smile!

I recently wore a cropped cardigan backwards over a black and white polka dotted dress...
It worked so well that way! 
Don't let the idea of how things "Should be" get in your way!
Think outside of the box!

I'm not a serious person or a silly person or a cool person or an awkward person.
I'm all of them combined! (I'm pretty cool!)
Everyone is mixed, it's unfair to classify someone just by the way that we perceive them!  

Whether you know me in person or you just like to read my blog.
I want you to meet all of the parts that fit together seamlessly  
to make up who I am!
An old soul with a cheesy sense of humor who has a love for life
 and an appreciation for all of it's beauty! 

Piper Arielle

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