Friday, October 11, 2013

Queen of Baroque-n Hearts

The first pictures were all natural lighting.
Here we started to use the flash, It emphasized my pale skin/the baby powder we used.
The sad thing is that this probably is what my makeup color should be but they don't make it this light!!! 
 Bonjour everyone!
If you are reading this than you have looked at quite a few pictures!
Now you are probably wondering, what is one's purpose in dressing up like this?
Well, I will tell you!
My friend Brenna (Who you saw four blog posts ago) is a student nearly graduated from a prestigious cosmetology school a couple of hours away.
Before they graduate the students bring a model of their choice to make them photo shoot ready however they want.
Brenna approached me about a month ago to be her specimen and to help her execute the concept she had planned in her head.
We've worked together before and we are always so happy with the results that I couldn't refuse! 
She wanted to make it a modern take on the exquisite Marie Antoinette.
You just saw the results of our little collaboration! ;)
I brought my camera so you guys could tag along with us!
As you can see from the very first picture it was a pretty early call time but considering we were one of the last ones to finish we needed every second!
I mean... Look at that hair!
Brenna coated my hair with a glaze to give it shine and then washed and dried the hair in preparation for what came next.
And what came next was the individual curling of EVERY strand of hair on my head with a small curling iron!
That is dedication ladies and gentlemen!
Not only that, she had to pin the top section in pin curls so it would look just right in the end! 

As for the clothes, I already had everything in my closet!
Although there was a little bit of tweaking that took place, Brenna had mentioned really wanting the outfit, whatever it may be, to have a bustle!
Ask and ye shall receive!
I made the bustle out of some scrap lace that I had, a cameo pin from my cameo collection and the ribbon was leftover from a wedding!
(I pinned everything with safety pins because it was temporary) 
The dress is vintage 1950's and one that I took from the theatre costume closet, I've used it many times since.
The jacket is just an on sale Charlotte Russe find that I had to have because it had polka dots! 
The pins on the lapel are vintage from my Mom's collection, I thought they added just the right touch!
The bracelets are also vintage and you have probably seen them many times on the blog because I am obsessed with them!
The earrings and necklace (worn in the hair (Totally Brenna's genius)) are from a boutique and a Korean market!
The shoes are Miu Miu hand me downs from my aunt and I have worn them SO many times!!!
Last but not least the magnolia came from Brenna's house, it was waiting to be used in a floral arrangement but was instead used in a hair arrangement!
It really was the perfect final touch to the whole look!

While we were waiting for our turn with the photographer Brenna took these pictures with my camera for me, we took more after as well, to quote Brenna "How many times do you get to dress up like Marie Antoinette?"
And so the day of time travel ended and I had to get in my horseless carriage and drive of into the beautiful sunset!
A big THANK YOU to Brenna for taking all of these pictures and  inviting me to be a part of her Master's Photo Shoot, You mastered it!!!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Brenna

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  1. Piper you are so pretty!! Love love the makeup and the dress! :)