Thursday, October 24, 2013

Salon Del Mar

 The bare bones of the salon!
 Moving in the salon equipment is a job for two strong young men!
 Taran cheesing for the camera in front of all of the heavy boxes and crates!
 Aunt Tara painting a picture of what is to come.
 Today I manned the front desk of the salon and took pictures every chance I could to show you guys the lovely transformation!!!

 The shelves that hold the product as well as the large prints, you will later see, create a sense of privacy for the guests while leaving the space open and uncluttered. 
 Did I mention the product is AMAZING???
It was first introduced in 1965 Brigitte Bardot was one of the first ones to use these products!
Still not sold?
PHYTO products are highly concentrated in pure plant extracts!
AND it smells heavenly!
And just so you know I'm speaking from experience after actually using it!
I'm not sponsored by them, although I wouldn't turn down that opportunity if it arose. ;)   

 There you have it!
I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful new salon as much as I enjoyed being there today!
Salon Del Mar is located on 30A in the Beautiful sunshine state that is Florida!
Aunt Tara has been a hairdresser since before I was born and take it from someone with VERY unruly hair, she knows her craft!
Living in Manhattan and working at some of the top salons in the country she has picked up a thing or two.
At the moment she is working by appointments only and she will have a business Facebook page for the salon coming soon!
When that happens I will post it to this blog post!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Piper (Me) ;)

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