Monday, October 7, 2013

The Log Cabin

 The sign says it all!

On our way to spend Sunday evening with family friends and we stopped to take pictures by the old log cabin since we were a little ahead of schedule!
Just another view of my neck of the woods.
I kept the outfit very simple with a flannel shirt a pair of Levi's and my leopard ballet flats.

My dad actually took the pictures today for the first time!
I was just going to jump out and take a few snaps of the old cabin but my dad insisted I get some of myself for his coworkers that follow the blog!

So to those readers as well as Amy who I had the pleasure of meeting today and all of you who are reading this, Thank you very much for reading and supporting the blog!
I hope to keep doing this until I can't find anything interesting to say or show but I'm pretty sure that their will be plenty to share in the future! ;)

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Blake and Piper(Me) 

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