Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Best Week Is Every Week

 The bouquet of flowers I picked for my handsome man's arrival.
 The bay on our way.
 Dinner with this stud! (I gave him that gem of a shirt! ;))
 .....aaaand then dessert! :)
 My napkin had a heart shaped stain when we were finished!
 He says that my fair skin blinded the camera causing him to be a little out of focus...
 Bree's birthday cake.
 Megan's mantel decorated for the birthday party. 
 Painting little ones' nails'.
 Details from my outfit that night, mint necklace courtesy of Ollie Mae's boutique!
 Finally able to sit down after playing Simon says, red light green light, mother may I and the hokey pokey!!! 
 The moon was so bright when I got home I was able to take this picture!
 Our little dwarf goat giving me the eye.
 Mcky sitting in the doll size chair.
 Today's walking formation starting out.
 Mcky playing in the grass like a lion.
 The Ideal....
 The adorable reality.
 Look I found fall, this is about the extent of our leaves changing into beautiful colors!
 Precious moments I wouldn't trade.
 Families are Forever.
 Beauty is everywhere, even in tall weeds.
We climb gates and fences, pick up pecans and weigh down our pockets with them, we have contests over who can jump the farthest and we take turns giving piggy back rides retelling stories we've heard a thousand times as well as new ones.
We are a family.
Happy Sunday from my family to yours.

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Piper(Me)

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