Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fedora and Fur

I know the picture isn't focused but I still wanted you to see this super cute outfit
and I had already moved on to the next outfit when we realized it!
 If you are interested in any of these looks you can find them Here.
Kim has a great selection of vintage clothing and many more than the ones you see here!
I hope you enjoy seeing these looks as much as I like wearing them!
Today I brought along my wide brimmed fedora and we made good use of it by styling it with some of the vintage.
I love this hat even though it's a little loose on my head, the wind was pretty strong and it almost blew it off of my head, I need to get one of those liners that makes it fit more snugly. 
The weather was pretty gray all day long so the lighting was in and out but like always it all worked out!
The last two pictures are from my way home!
If you ever need to see something beautiful just look up to the sky.
Even when it is dark and cloudy there is always beauty to be found there.

Piper Arielle

Photos by:Kim and Piper(Me)

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