Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vanity Fair

Welcome to the wedding expo that took place in the Chipley AG center.
I was asked to help decorate the BrennaBeauty booth as well as be a hair model by Brenna.
Here are some behind the scenes photos from before, during and after the wedding expo. 
Brenna and Caroline carefully selecting the pictures of hair and makeup work from Brenna's portfolio.
I helped of course but someone had to document! :) 
The idea for the booth was a vintage vanity set up.
I always get nostalgic when I see an old vanity and wonder how many times and how many people have used it for putting on their lipstick and making sure their hair was just right.
Although I didn't bring my entire vanity I did bring a few pieces that rest on it everyday.
We displayed several photos in one large vintage frame by placing Brenna's card holder behind the frame and propping the entire thing against a metal dress form that Caroline has had for years.
Brenna's business cards and seashell collection.
The bridal bouquet that we used was actually Brenna's mother's from her wedding day!
Just a fun fact for everyone! ^_^

Finishing touches.
And we were open for business!!!
More vintage details!
The jewelry box is one of my favorite vintage finds and one of the things I keep on my own vanity!
 Brenna and her two hair models!
Caroline on the left and me on the right!
While I didn't wear a wedding dress I did wear a vintage white dress that was reminiscent of one!
The dress was one that I got from Kim of SassySisterVintage and it's one of my favorites!
 A closeup of crazy gorgeous Caroline! 
Spanish moss is so pretty and one great indicator that you are in the south!
 The sun was directly in my face but this is the only picture that really shows the entire dress at once!
 Brenna of BrennaBeauty the lovely lady herself does hair, makeup as well as photography for all of your special occasions!
Like her Facebook page BrennaBeauty for more information and ways to contact her!

Thank you to Brenna for asking me to come along to the wedding expo and for doing my hair!
Especially for letting my camera crash the party!!!
OH! And for taking these pictures after the day at the expo was over!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Piper(Moi), Brenna and her Mom!

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