Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 Every time I wear this shawl as a scarf people either adore it or ask why I decided to wear a blanket around my neck!
Granted it's usually men who ask and considering I don't dress for guys but for myself I'm okay with their common reaction! ^^
 So I wish I had a better detail shot of the accordion pleats on this skirt (Which is actually a dress)!
You can wear a dress by itself but for colder climates layering is the key for keeping warm and holding on to somewhat of your stylish dignity.
For the record I would like to be warm before being fashionable, no one looks good with blue lips and a purple nose!   
I am late in posting this outfit due to the fact that I wore this to church on Sunday and Sunday is family day!
I truly and honestly believe that we should make time to spend with our loved ones.
Sometimes I have extra time on Sundays to post and sometimes that time is taken up with more precious things.

I was recently asked why I blog, put simply, I like helping people tap into their creative side when it comes to dressing. 
To show women to dress for themselves and not for men or even less obvious yet more common, other women.
To document and share what has practically become my online journal.
It brings me joy and a small feeling of accomplishment.
HOWEVER, nothing on this earth comes before my Faith and my Family.
Some might say that that makes me small minded but in my small mindedness I feel like I see the big picture.
This is why I blog, to share my ideas and points of view with YOU.

Piper Arielle

Outfit Photos by: Taran
Photo of McKy enjoying a Korean style burger as big as his face taken by me ^^

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