Thursday, January 16, 2014

SKIN CARE and all that jazz ^_^

 Everyone has different skin but this is the system that tends to work for me!
I have oily skin so I use Cetaphil for normal to oily.
I've tried other face washes and this one has just become my go to!
I also take a one fish oil capsule twice a day in the morning and at night!
The Clarisonic Aria was a birthday present and I use it about once a week sometimes more depending on how my skin feels!
 Magic in a tub... My holy grail night cream and daily moisturizer with spf!
If my skin is particularly in need of rejuvenation I use the night cream before I put my makeup on!
Both are obviously products by OLAY and I am constantly recommending them to my friends and family!
Which is why I'm sharing this in the first place, I wanted you guys to know about my favorite moisturizers!!! 
 If I had to pick one of the two, I would have to go with the firming night cream!
It just makes my skin feel so nice!!!
And it DOES NOT break me out which is a big deal breaker when it comes to face cream!
Like I said before not everyone's skin is the same and so it will not react in the same way but I thought some people might be interested in trying something new!
Here comes the disclaimer!!!
I do not have perfect skin by any means!
I wish I did, however that is not the case, I get break outs, scars and uneven skin tones like every normal person out there!
These are just the steps I take to try to keep my skin under my control instead of the other way around!
Thankfully I don't break out as much as I did in middle school (Worst three years of my skin's life)!
It could be due to the fact that I take care of my skin a lot better than I used to!
So if you are how I used to be and think to yourself "I just wish it would go away" and then you don't do anything about it then stop that right and start taking care of your skin NOW!!!
Find the system that works for you and stick with it because it won't clear up over night.
This is important for guys and girls!
Be confident in the skin you're in because with or with out blemishes you WILL shine brighter with confidence!

These are all of the things I wish I had payed attention to during the tween dark ages of my life.
No joke, I kept my hair in my face like the girl from The Breakfast Club, I was so insecure about my skin!
You can do it!
Be aggressive and do not stress out about pimples, it can cause more to pop up and it's a vicious cycle!

Piper Arielle

Photos by: Colton(of me) and Me(of the products)


  1. Thanks for the recommendations, Piper! I think your skin always looks so lovely! :)
    P.S. Super cute flower crown and outfit!

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