Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mossy Birdcages

Right before we began shooting!!!
This set will forever be in my dreams!!!
I see you Azurea!

 That's a wrap!
Another fun (but not without hard work) filled photo shoot for SassySisterVintage!
It was great having Azurea there with Kim and I again!
It seems our little family is growing!!!
And how cute is our set?!
Kim set it all up by herself and made it look fantastic!!!
Can we take a second to acknowledge that Kim already had that Amazing birdcage, table and chair?!
Yes, it is all a part of her everyday home decor!

If you are interested in most all of the things that you see in this post then click the sassy sister link above!
It will take you directly to Kim's vintage wonderland of an online etsy shop!!! 

Photos by: Kim and Piper(Moi)
I'm sure it's obvious but all of the pictures that I'm in Kim took and all of the ones that I'm not in I took!
Just in case you were curious!

Hair by:Piper (That's me!)

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  1. You look so professional! I love the one of you in the blue floral maxi on the dirt road. Smokin!

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence