Thursday, July 4, 2013

Playing With Fire

 Happy Birthday USA!!!

So this fourth of July was so rainy we only did sparklers. 
That's okay though because sparklers are one of my favorite ones to do!!!

I am so thankful to have been born and raised in this country that I call home!
I am grateful to the men and women who have served to keep this country free, fighting way back in it's infancy even before 1776! 
Most of us in the U.S. didn't originate from this land our forefathers paved the way so that we could live in the land  of the free and the home of the brave.
Let's not disappoint them by taking advantage of this land and it's opportunities without taking care of it and our fellow man.
We are still one nation under God, that isn't me pushing my beliefs, it is a simple fact.
I hope that we never forget that and become too proud to acknowledge where our strength lies. 
Just some of my thoughts this 4th! :) 

What I'm wearing!!!
The scarf is from Ollie Mae's boutique you can like them on Facebook!
The top is a Liz Claiborne I found at a thrift store recently with the tags still on it! Score!!!

I didn't really do much since I didn't go anywhere but I didn't want to be completely bare faced!
Are you red-dy by Maybelline.
A few swipes of the Falsies Volume Express Flared mascara also from Maybelline! 
I put Physicians Formula Light Bronze Pearl on the highest points of my cheeks and that was it!

That handsome brute in the pictures is my little brother who takes most of my pictures for Outfit posts!
He made a better heart than I did so we used his picture! hehe!
He also has a twin brother who was too tired to play with sparklers!!!

Also I've been loving the song Please don't say you love me by Gabrielle Aplin!!!
You will thank me later if you look it up!!! 

That's it for today Loves!
Piper Arielle     

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