Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christmas in July

 It's Sunday so I will keep it short!

Yesterday was one of my good friends birthday party, We laughed, played board games and ate the best cupcakes!!!
My outfit was super comfortable and simple without being undone! 
I recently got a few hand-me-downs from my older sister Megan (She's moving and reorganizing ) and I pretty much wore three things she gave me in this one outfit! 
One was the Amazing vintage silver bracelet with the large disk that our mom gave to her even though I was coveting it so badly!
(Esther Williams had a gold one that was similar!) 
Luckily she remembered and added it to my take home pile! 
Next was this belt that she saw me eyeing and later went back and got it when it went on sale!!
Last but not least this fabulous green necklace that she got a boutique and wore only a couple of times!
She doesn't wear necklaces very often, but sometimes she forgets that and gets one and eventually it comes to me! ;) 
So basically it was Christmas in July!!! 
I know she's reading this so THANK YOU Megan and I LOVE YOU!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone I hope you are spending it with those that you love!!!
Piper Arielle

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