Sunday, July 7, 2013

Leopard, Ruffles and Braids Oh My!

Heidi goes to the Beach!

Church Outfit #2 on the blog!
The best part about this blazing red dress?!
It has POCKETS!!! 
So I don't know what it is about a dress with pockets but I always get really excited when I find them!
I haven't worn this dress very often and it's been awhile so it was like "OH YEAH!!!!" when I rediscovered them!
If you've seen the last picture you probably realized... I need to get this dress altered!!! 

Ladies two things that will make you look slimmer without exercise!
#1 Good Posture!
#2 Good Tailoring!!! 

I still love it though and I switched the same colored red belt with this leopard one because I just like my belts to stand out! 

This morning I decided instead of my usual bun I would do milkmaid braids.
They are so convenient my hair is out of the way and once I do them they are secure, I don't have to worry about restyling!

I hope you have a beautiful week!
Piper Arielle

 Photos by Colton Williams

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