Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The White House and Katherine

 Oh how you have changed but oh how you have stayed the same.

It isn't very often you get to go inside of the house you grew up in after it has been sold to someone else.
Today my mom and I got to do just that!
We are in the process of switching Dentists,
 (We drove about an hour to get to our old dentist just because we loved our dental hygienist so much!!! She has since moved, but we miss her very much!) 
the new dentist happens to be renting the house for storage and let us take a peek!

It seems so different, smaller even, of course I was in the 4th grade when we moved so I have gotten bigger!
The walls are painted a completely different color, some light fixtures were changed and the house has gotten older faster from lack of use.
The house is one of the oldest ones in the town and so full of southern charm.
The parts that I love the most of course are the things that have been left unchanged.
The attic and laundry room are completely the same way they were 100 years ago, granted the paint and wallpaper is peeling but I kind of like that, it tells a story.  
Nearly all of the door handles were the same. 
When I went outside I saw the tree I used to climb while I pretended I was Pocahontas.
The best treat we found though, gave us goose bumps!
Colton and Chase had written their names and played a game of tic-tac-toe in the closet under the stairs it is still there!

So today's outfit was inspired by Katherine Hepburn's laid back masculine style with feminine flair.
She often wore men's clothing and couldn't look more lovely in it!
This is of course is my modern take on it, inspiration doesn't mean copying detail for detail but more fusing the look with your own personal style.

The Mint Necklace-Ollie Mae's Boutique
Bermuda Shorts-Gap
Dream Catcher Bracelet-PiperByDesign
Perfectly Broken In Sneakers-Saucony 

Piper Arielle

    Photos by Nancy   

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